Solutions for Moving or Expanding

This is an exciting time

Relocation or expansion can mean exciting new opportunities are right around the corner. However, it can also be a very stressful time, with so many things to worry about and keep track of. Wouldn’t it be nice if security wasn’t one of them… if you could find someone to worry about that for you?

Good news, if you choose EPS to be your business security partner, we can make sure the security needs of your new facility are met, so you can focus on other aspects of relocation or expansion.

We get your system up and running quickly.

Whether you are moving into a space that has an existing system, or one that needs an entirely new system, we can help. Our operations team consists of engineers, technicians, project managers and technical support staff who are certified, highly-trained professionals who can work with nearly any security system regardless of manufacturer. Big or small, we’ve done it all.

Their expertise isn’t just limited to the mechanics of the installation process, our team also has a thorough understanding of what it takes to comply with federal, state, and local codes. They know the types of paperwork that needs to be filed and the deadlines that have to be met in order to keep the process going easily and efficiently.

Want to make changes? Our security solutions are scalable.

Once you get settled in to your new facility, if you find that there are some changes that you would like to your system, we can do that. Our security solutions are designed to be adaptive and scalable. We use your blueprints and building layouts to create the system, so we can easily take another look at them to further optimize your security coverage. It’s our belief that service doesn’t just stop once a system has been installed, it’s a ongoing relationship.

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