Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more detailed questions please contact our customer service staff or submit a web quote request to hear from one of our professional security consultants.

What does a home alarm system consist of?

At the very least, EPS wants to protect the doors leading into the home. Most break-ins occur through a forced door.  We then address additional protection with the homeowner such as windows and motions sensors.  Monitored smoke alarm detection is extremely important as is furnace failure detection, water-level detection, and carbon monoxide detection. Video surveillance can also be used to the desired scope of the homeowner. Lastly, new technology grants the homeowner greater control of their home security through mobile apps and home automation devices.

Can I operate my alarm and stay inside my home?

Yes! A properly designed EPS security system allows a separate setting for “at home” or “away” operation.

Can I set my alarm with a pet left inside?

Yes! EPS Security offers the choice in motion detectors that can be pet immune!

Does the alarm sound a siren when activated by an intruder?

Yes! We have audible devices such as sirens and bells, which are in most cases, “a first line of defense” for deterring burglars. We also will discuss with you the options of a “silent” alarm in the event of duress.

Does the alarm work when power is out?

Yes! All of our alarm systems are designed with a “standby battery” that will operate your alarm during a power failure.

Will I get a discount on my homeowners insurance when I purchase a security system?

Yes! Most insurance companies will discount your insurance rates. This could be anywhere from 3-20%! Call your provider to learn more.

Will my children be able to operate the alarm?

Yes! The system can be armed with the press of a button and disarmed with a 4-digit code or key fob. Individual codes can also be created for different users.

What are some current trends in your industry?

As mentioned in the comments regarding changes with technology, most consumers are now interested in staying connected.  Most homeowners have smart phones and if they don’t, they will soon.  Staying connected remotely is certainly a trend. Also, some of the technology which would have been a cost barrier for homeowners have become more cost-friendly as technology improves. Fully functional home security is more affordable than ever before!

What you are seeing in today’s marketplace?

Growth.  More households are interested in life safety and protecting their stuff.  The unfortunate reality is even though we live in nice, safe communities, we are still vulnerable.

Investment one time or continual?

The installation cost is a one-time investment. The ongoing monitoring costs are typically a monthly payment, much like your television/cable, though not nearly as expensive.

What are good fits for home security?

It’s always up to the homeowner, but it always boils down to the same principle: protecting what matters most. For some, it is about life safety or the peace of mind created by 24/7 protection.  For others, it is about protecting their stuff!

How has home security changed in the past 10 years? Technology’s place in those changes?

Home security solutions are similar in scope but much different technically.  Wireless technology has evolved into a better solution with long battery life.  Remote Services are available with apps available to be connected to the security system remotely. A “lifestyle” component has recently been introduced, with integration to lighting controls, thermostats for temperature control, and the ability to lock/unlock doors, all of which are integrated to the security system in the home.

EPS Security also uses cellular as a method of communication from your system to our monitoring center, it’s a much more secure connection compared to your typical land line. To clarify, we simply attach what is called a IGSM cellular device to your security system and it connects directly to EPS Central Station through local cell towers. Think of it as your security system’s own personal EPS-direct cell phone. Not only is it more secure than a land-line, but it’s incredibly less expensive.

What happens if I accidentally trigger my alarm system?

Simply use your alarm code to silence the alarm and then call EPS Security’s nationally-awarded and recognized Monitoring Center with your unique passcard number to cancel the dispatch of the responding agency.

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