Simpler, smarter home security with EPS and Total Connect

Simpler, smarter home security with EPS and Total Connect

total connect app showing camera viewsImagine this future:

  • 7:43 am: Driving to work, you receive a push notification on your smartphone notifying you that you’ve forgotten to set your security system. Instead of turning around, you simply drive to work, access your home security app, and arm your system remotely.
  • 12:37 pm: At lunch, you pull your phone out and check your cameras to see if your dogwalker has already come and gone for the day. You realize she has forgotten to lock the door, so you lock it through your home security app.
  • 5:30 pm: As you pull onto your street, you see your garage door open and front porch light turn on automatically—just like you’d programmed it to do at the same time every weeknight at through your security app.
  • 10:22 pm: As you lie in bed, you have a hard time getting comfortable. You reach for your phone and drop the thermostat a few degrees via your security app before drifting off to sleep, likely dreaming about anything and everything besides your home security system.

Ten years ago, this seamlessly interconnected future would seem unfeasible or prohibitively expensive. However, the recent smart home revolution has made this dream a reality, allowing for devices to be controlled over radio or WiFi signals from platforms at ease. Advancements in technology have removed accessibility and cost barriers for the average homeowner, allowing smart home integration for most American homes.

For the last few years, the chief remaining issue with smart home technology has been in how the devices are controlled. Devices by different brands were not always compatible with each other, limiting the variety of devices homeowners could add to their smart home ecosystem and forcing them to control ten different devices from ten different applications, overly complicating a series of products that were supposed to make life easier, not harder.

Taking control with Total Connect®

Luckily for homeowners, the “controlling all devices through a single app” future depicted earlier has already arrived. EPS Security’s ProSeries line of home security devices are compatible with Total Connect®, a smart home hub capable of supporting a vast number of devices and allowing for control from a single unified app. With Total Connect®, a single app grants you control of your smart home security from the palm of your hand.

EPS installs ProSeries wireless devices because they are easy to use, highly dependable, and incredibly secure. Smoke detectors, motion sensors, water sensors, and more use a variation of standard WiFi signals to transmit signals back and forth from the ProSeries control panel and keypad. These signals are encrypted using what’s known as a 128-Advanced Encryption System (AES). To those of us who are not programmers, this means that the signals are highly protected from hackers trying to take over your smart home devices. In fact, it’s estimated that it would take a supercomputer over a billion years to crack. (It’s safe to assume most burglars don’t have supercomputers or a billion years to break into your home.)

The ProSeries home security system

The ProSeries panel and keypad doubles as both the control center of your top-notch home security system and the central hub for your smart home system. Devices communicating using similarly 128-AES encrypted Z-Wave radio signals are able to be added to the system and controlled through the Total Connect® app. Technical jargon aside, Total Connect® supports a wide variety of devices, including:

black yale smart lockDoor locks, light switches, garage doors, and thermostats

ProSeries devices provide ample electronic protection against burglary, fire, and flooding, but other smart devices can be added to the system to provide customizable and controllable boosted protection. Electronic locks can be added to exterior doors, allowing verified users to punch in a code or for you to open the door from the Total Connect app. You can also open and close your garage doors remotely for visitors or for yourself. Smart light switches and dimmers can let you flip off those lights you forgot to turn off downstairs when you’re snug in bed, and a compatible Honeywell Home thermostat can give you control of your home’s heating and cooling from anywhere your phone can find a WiFi connection or cell signal.

honeywell home wic-1 total connect cameraHoneywell Home WiFi cameras

We’ve written at length about the benefits of Honeywell Home’s® Total Connect®-compatible home security cameras. With indoor and outdoor options available, these cameras include:

  • Cloud storage and SD card backup
  • Night vision
  • Digital Zoom
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Sleek, unobtrusive designs
  • Motion-triggered clip recording capabilities

skybell trimSkybell video doorbells

Video doorbells are extremely popular, and for good reason. The Skybell video doorbell can help you identify and speak to a guest without having to open the door—a perfect device for the age of online deliveries and porch pirates. Skybell includes:

  • HD video
  • Color night video
  • Extreme weather resistance
  • Ability to silence the indoor chime
  • Two-way audio

Next-level smart home connectivity and security

Control of your connected home isn’t limited to controlling separate devices. Individual devices can be grouped together in scenes. For instance, if you’d like your garage door to open, your side door to unlock, and your living room lights to brighten at 6pm every Tuesday night, you can program the devices to act together automatically in a scene through the Total Connect® app.

Total Connect® grants you the ability to view the finer aspects of your home security system from afar. In addition to remote arming and disarming, notifications can be set up to alert you to alarms, camera motion detection events, and Skybell video doorbell alerts. If you’d like to temporarily turn off a particular detection device, you can connect to your keypad virtually and do so. If you want to check to see if a certain user armed or disarmed the system over the course of the day, your Total Connect® application grants you full access to your alarm system history.

working mom checking in on kids using total connect appEPS Security: your smart home security connection

Maintaining control over the various moving parts of your home can enhance the quality of your lifestyle—so long as it’s done right. Plenty of “smart” DIY solutions end up being poor investments due to hacking and security issues, poor quality, and not-as-easy-as-it-looks installation. Customization and full coverage aren’t DIY’s strong point, and when it comes to protecting your smart home, those out-of-the-box solutions leave a lot to be desired.

Installing a security system—especially a top-of-the-line smart home system—is best left to the professionals, and few have the experience, capabilities, and know-how as the EPS Security team. As Michigan’s largest family-owned security provider, we’ve spent the last sixty-plus years installing next-generation home security systems for families from the Indiana border to the Mackinac Bridge. Our expert security consultants, engineers, and technicians can help you craft the smart home security solution that fits your needs—and can even give you a crash-course on the ins-and-outs of the Total Connect® app.

The future of convenient but powerful home security is here—and with help from EPS Security, the system for your home is just a click away.

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