Next-level security with smart home door locks

Next-level security with smart home door locks

total connect phone and door

total connect phone and door

Smart home devices dominate the home security conversation, and for good reason. Security systems that once sat passively inside a home are now more robust and interactive than ever. Devices ranging from cameras to doorbells can be controlled with ease from your smartphone, creating a more convenient and customizable security experience without sacrificing safety.

In the age of “smart” technology, even devices as simple as door locks can now be part of your total smart home solution. EPS smart locks can be activated or unlocked from afar and even be set to a schedule in conjunction with other connected devices, allowing homeowners more flexibility than ever over who can gain access to their house and when. By using the EPS Total Connect® smart home platform to control your door locks and connected devices, you can marry the necessary security of your home with the convenience of an intuitive security solution that suits your lifestyle.

Stay connected with Total Connect®

The Total Connect app acts as the command hub for your smart home. From your smartphone, PC, or connected device, you can arm and disarm your security system, control compatible home automation devices such as lights, door locks, and thermostats, and view footage streaming in from your Total Connect cameras–all organized in a simple and easy-to-navigate events log. With the Total Connect app, you can know what is happening and when it’s happening, all from the palm of your hand.

You can use Total Connect to get the most out of your smart door locks. If you forget to lock your home when you leave for work, you can secure your doors remotely from the application. If you are expecting a guest or handyman to stop by while you are away, you can unlock the door for them once they arrive and lock it back up the moment they leave. Additionally, Total Connect allows you to set schedules for your door locks and other connected devices. For example, if you would like your doors to lock as soon as your interior lights dim at 9pm on a Wednesday, you can set the parameters for that event in the app.

With Total Connect supporting a wide variety of smart devices, you can use your door locks in tandem with, say, a Skybell video doorbell to both remotely vet visitors coming to your door and grant them access if desired. The multi-functionality, accessibility, and reliability of Total Connect allows you to create a comprehensive smart home security solution that fits your unique schedule and ever-changing routine.

Smart locks, safe homes

EPS provides several smart lock options for your home to give you a wide variety of solutions to choose from, ranging from push-button door locks to smart garage door openers. While EPS supports and installs a wide range of Yale door locks, we’ve included the details for some of the more popular door lock and garage opener devices below.

Three color variations of yale lever smart locks

Yale® Lever Lock

The Yale lever lock can be controlled via Total Connect using Z-Wave® wireless technology. The keypad can be used to manually enter a personal code to gain access or secure the door. Variations of this model include a push button keypad and the pictured touchscreen options. The handle also contains a more conventional lock for a physical key to use as a back-up if needed. This particular model uses a lever lock and comes in a variety of colors.

touchscreen deadbolt smart yale lock

Yale® Deadbolt Lock

The Yale deadbolt door lock comes with similar features as the lever lock but, as the name suggests, utilizes a different locking mechanism. It also utilizes Z-wave technology and comes with either a push button keypad or a touchscreen. Different models with varying colors and options with or without physical key components are available depending on what works best for your security situation.

Linear® Garage Door Kit

EPS smart home devices aren’t limited to your exterior doors. The Linear garage door kit can be installed to work with your existing garage door opener so long as your system has a pushbutton switch. In addition to allowing you to remotely open and close your garage door at will, the device also acts as a Z-Wave repeater, boosting Z-Wave signals throughout your home and strengthening the communication network your connected devices are tied into.

chamberlain smart garage opener

Chamberlain® Garage Door Kit

In the event your current garage door opener isn’t compatible with the Linear model or you’re simply in the market for an entirely new system, the Chamberlain garage door opener might be the best fit for you. Other than the fact that the Chamberlain garage door kit replaces your existing option, the main difference between this and the other door-securing technology EPS supplies is the means by which it communicates. The Chamberlain model utilizes Wi-Fi technology to send door operation commands instead of Z-Wave but still integrates seamlessly with the Total Connect app for use with your other connected devices.

Lock down your peace of mind

Smart home technology allows programmable door locks to add an additional layer of security to a more “conventional” monitored system containing devices such as motion detectors and window break sensors. This multi-pronged approach to securing your home is the new standard for home security, and EPS Security is at the forefront of the trend. We have nearly 65 years of experience in engineering and installing home security systems across the state of Michigan, and we work hand-in-hand with our vendors to procure next-generation smart home devices at competitive rates. At EPS Security, we believe every home deserves a customized solution because every homeowner deserves peace of mind. If you’re looking into locking down your home with the latest and greatest home security technology, look no further than EPS Security and discover a home security solution nearly 65 years in the making.

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