Protect your home with the EPS Advantage

Protect your home with the EPS Advantage

house with security system devices

house with security system devicesWith so many different home security systems and providers available, it’s easy to feel overloaded by options and information. At the end of the day, the best security solution for your home is the one that fits your needs, which means the best security provider is one that has your best interests at heart. It’s for these reasons—and many others—that Michigan homeowners have entrusted EPS Security with their family homes over do-it-yourself (DIY) and national brand solutions for over sixty years.

What’s important to you is important to us, too, and that’s the EPS Advantage.

Whether you’re looking to install a new security system in your home or are simply unimpressed with your current security provider, look no further than EPS Security to engineer the complete home security solution that keeps the focus on you—and experience the EPS Advantage firsthand.

Experience is king

Your home security system protects the people and property most precious to you, so it needs to be designed, installed, and monitored by a company with almost 65 years of security experience. As Michigan’s largest family-owned security provider, EPS Security has the ambition and resources of a national provider but with a focus on the local communities we’ve lived in and serviced for decades. We’ve partnered with local law enforcement and fire departments, community-oriented groups, and even our own customers to participate in and actively give back to the same neighbors that have supported us since we opened in 1955.

The cumulative experience of our staff has made the EPS name synonymous with quality and authority in the alarm system industry. When a technician installs your system, you can rest assured they’ve been trained to the high standards of our rigorous in-house training and certification program. Our staff desires, more than anything else, to be your trusted home security advisor.

Service just around the corner

While EPS Security’s main office is located in Grand Rapids, our sustained growth has allowed us the privilege of opening locations in Traverse City, Petoskey, and Kalamazoo to better serve those communities. We’ve been serving some of these areas with a local, neighborhood staff for decades. With multiple locations across the state, we can dispatch technicians and respond to expedited service situations more quickly and reliably. If a out-of-the-box or national-brand system breaks down, your wait time for service may be unacceptable and leave you without home security for extended periods of time. Knowing a technician is only a phone call away is just another part of the EPS Advantage.

Operating locally has other benefits, too. Unlike many do-it-yourself (DIY) security solutions, every system we install meets professional monitoring standards and can be monitored by our award-winning EPS Monitoring Center. The EPS Monitoring Center is located in our Grand Rapids office—not out-of-state like many national brands—to ensure swift dispatch of emergency services in the event of an alarm. Additionally, our technical and customer support staff operate out of our offices, too, meaning all your questions or requests will be fielded by a real, local human being, not a maze of touch-tone menus and pre-recorded messages. Unsure? Our Michigan-based monitoring center has won prestigious national awards for our response time, training, and professional care.

High-tech, low cost

One of the benefits of being Michigan’s largest family-owned security company is that our continued success allows us to stay ahead of the game when it comes to home security technology. We work closely with our suppliers to get a first-hand look at the next generation of smart home automation, fire alarm and life safety features, and home camera systems.  The future of home security technology is in connected devices, and we want to ensure that you can stay connected with your kids and pets from your office or keep an eye on your property while you’re on vacation—an integrative technology that lower-quality DIY systems sorely lack.

Additionally, because we’ve been working with our manufacturing partners for decades, we can negotiate lower prices on your behalf without skimping on safety or quality. This allows our customers to get more out of their investment in our products and services. The savings our customers see from our partnerships with our suppliers is yet another facet of the EPS Advantage.

Invest in a company that invests in your future

At EPS Security, we view our agreements with our customers as strategic partnerships. We firmly believe that every customer requires a customized system to address their home’s unique security needs—something they can’t get from the “one-size-fits-all” solutions of national providers. Our experienced Security Consultants will personally visit your home to evaluate security risks and work with our Security Engineers to design a comprehensive solution.

A partnership with EPS Security doesn’t end with the installation of your system. Our 24/7 EPS Monitoring Center will keep an eye out for any alarm signals emanating from your system. Regular maintenance is available to ensure your system is functioning as well on Day 1000 as it did on Day 1, and service plans cover unforeseen naturally-occurring complications with your system.

Our dedication to our customers extends even to our “customer-owned” policy on the systems we install. Because EPS customers own their system outright, the onus is on us to exceed expectations and earn our customers’ continued business. Stellar customer service for each of our customers is a cornerstone of the EPS Advantage.

Experience the EPS Advantage

Don’t settle for “good enough” when it comes to protecting your family and property.  Discover the EPS Advantage for yourself—and take the first step toward realizing the home security solution you deserve.

Discover the EPS Advantage

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