Why it pays to shop local for your home security solutions

Why it pays to shop local for your home security solutions

EPS van parked in a house's driveway

EPS van parked in a house's drivewayMany people prefer to “shop local” when it comes to their food, clothes, or other needs. Whether it’s a preference to invest in their communities or a commitment to a trusted neighborhood brand, the movement to shop with local companies is decades old and only gaining steam.

Choosing a home security provider isn’t any different. National companies spend fistfuls of cash to convince prospective customers that they provide superior service, but—as it frequently happens—bigger does not always mean better, especially when it comes to protecting your home.

How comprehensive is my security solution?

National companies: “One-size-fits-all” solutions underwhelm

Your house is unique, which means your security system is going to need to be tailored to your custom needs. National companies are known to offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions that leave more than a little to be desired. This approach works well for the national company, but it lacks the custom solution your house needs to properly secure your family and property.

The EPS Advantage: Customized security solutions

EPS Security takes pride in its customer-oriented, customizable approach to designing home security solutions that fit your specific needs. An experienced Security Consultant will come to your home to evaluate potential risk areas and our skilled Security Engineers will engineer your comprehensive security solution accordingly. We work hard to honor our customers’ commitment to us with our own commitment to stellar service.

Who owns the equipment?

National companies: They own the equipment, not you

Often, national companies lease their equipment to their customers. When their customers get fed up and decide to change to a different security provider, the national company can pull their equipment out of the home—leaving many of their customers without a security system or feeling trapped without options.

The EPS Advantage: Customer-owned equipment

EPS Security customers own their equipment outright. Because our installed security equipment is the property of the customer, the onus is on us to provide excellent service and earn our customers’ continued business.

Who is servicing my system?

National companies: Third-party service and out-of-state monitoring

National security providers sell more systems than they can personally service. Therefore, they may contract third-party companies to install or service your alarm—regardless of whether they’re a quality company or not. You’re also at the mercy of the contractor’s availability. Finally, if your alarm system does trigger, the signal is likely to be received by a monitoring station outside of Michigan—which isn’t ideal if you’re looking for expedited emergency assistance.

The EPS Advantage: A one-company (local) solution

EPS Security installs and services its own equipment. Our own award-winning Monitoring Center is located inside our Grand Rapids, Michigan headquarters. By covering all the bases, we can maintain open communications with every branch of our company—and provide our customers with an optimal service experience.

EPS’ main office is still located on the Grand River in Grand Rapids even though our business has expanded throughout the state to include Kalamazoo, Traverse City, Petoskey and Owosso branches. When we send our Security Consultants to evaluate your security needs or a rigorously-trained technician to maintain your system, you know they’re coming from one of our local offices, ensuring speedy dispatch by an in-house technician who services the same community they live in.

Invest in a business that invests in their community

Local Michigan families trust EPS because we’re run by a local family. For almost 65 years, EPS systems have protected residences across the state. We’ve engineered comprehensive home security solutions for our neighbors for decades. As Michigan’s largest family-owned security provider, you would not need to look far to find a neighbor with a top-of-the-line EPS system securing their family and their property.

Whether you’re ready to make the switch from a national provider or if you’re securing your residence with a home security system for the first time, consider EPS Security and experience the EPS Advantage for yourself.

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