What should a home security company provide for you?

What should a home security company provide for you?

key in a door lock with a "home sweet home" keychainIf you’re looking for a new security provider or thinking about investing in your first home security system, you may find yourself asking, “What should I look for in a security company?” At EPS Security, we believe the question should be phrased, “What should a security company provide for me?” Not all security companies are created equal, and you should have certain expectations of any security company that you plan on partnering with for your home security solution.

Quality products

Your home contains your most precious possessions, so settling for “discount pricing” on essentially discount products isn’t going to cut it. Your security company should provide demonstrably high-end technology produced by industry leaders in home security. In addition to secure devices, your system should also contain the next generation of smart home automation, a technology that allows you to open your garage, unlock your doors, and turn off your lights remotely from your phone. If a security company offers you anything less than the best, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Customized solutions

Your house isn’t a carbon copy of your neighbors’, so why should you be offered the same basic security solution? Your security provider should meet you at your house to evaluate your home’s most vulnerable points, and they should listen when you tell them what else you require your security system to protect. Your security provider should engineer a “Goldilocks” system that fits your wants and needs perfectly—not too much, not too little.

Speedy, skilled service

What’s the point of a home security system that doesn’t work? If any complications arise with your system, you shouldn’t have to wait weeks for service. Your security provider should have a team of technical support, customer service, and field technicians at the ready to assist you so your system can work as well on Day 1000 as it did on Day 1. You should also know that anyone working on your system is trained, certified, and experienced with the equipment protecting your home and family.


Security companies don’t live in a bubble. The nature of the industry brings companies into contact with builders, contractors, law enforcement, and fire departments among countless others. A quality security provider should not only have good relationships with businesses, emergency services, and other members of the community, but they should also be fixtures of those same communities they service. Money can’t buy a good reputation, and your security provider should be a respected and contributing member of its own community.

Focus on security

Nowadays, many big businesses “branch out” into home security industry—meaning their focus is also on other trades, products, and services. Your security provider should be 100% dedicated to providing security to its customers. Pay special attention to companies that have decades of security experience and are still growing their customer base—it usually means they’re doing something right.

24/7 Monitoring

The most secure home systems are those monitored professionally every moment of every day. If a smoke detector goes off or a window breaks, it’s vital that emergency services are dispatched ASAP. The best security providers provide 24/7 monitoring every day of the year to ensure your home is under careful watch even when you aren’t home. Bonus points if your Monitor Center wins industry-leading awards and is located locally to ensure alarm dispatch expediency.

Peace of mind

When it’s all said and done, a good security system integrates seamlessly into your life, allowing you to check in on your home and family when needed, secure your property when you’re asleep or away, and check for fire or other threats to your life safety behind the scenes without you actively needing to think about it. Your system–and your security provider–should do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to protecting your home. Your investment in your security provider should be an investment in your peace of mind—and it’s should be up to them to provide it for you.

EPS van parked in a house's drivewayThe EPS Advantage

At EPS Security, we not only expect our customers to hold us to the highest standards for service and support—we encourage it. We’re confident that our nearly 65 years of protecting Michigan homes and families speaks for itself. When you’re evaluating your home security, don’t settle for anything less than the comprehensive protection of an EPS security system.

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