EPS Security Partners with the Grand Rapids Fire Department to provide fire alarm system training

EPS Security Partners with the Grand Rapids Fire Department to provide fire alarm system training

EPS Security has partnered with The Grand Rapids Fire Department to provide training, updates and Q&A for the various fire systems EPS installs every day. This was a valuable opportunity for EPS Security to lend continued support as well as strengthen the partnership with GRFD.

The objective of the training was to provide GRFD officers with instruction for the operation of EPS fire alarm systems. Our expert training instructor, Kacey Jones led the discussion which included critical functions and protocols for something GRFD firefighters interact with nearly every day but don’t always have the necessary understanding. The two hour session included an in-depth explanation of EPS installed fire alarm systems, how they operate during an emergency alarm event, and key points firefighters need to know to properly interact with the systems.

The EPS team also provided a tour of the EPS Monitoring Center, a review of new fire alarm technology, as well as valuable extra time for a question and answer session. Two Battalion Chiefs and the Grand Rapids Fire Marshall were able to attend the event and came away with a positive outlook of the training and ongoing education EPS can offer our local firefighters.


EPS has designed this training with the goal of continuing education to other local fire departments.  As a life safety company, EPS understands our alarm systems are only a piece of an emergency response. Sharing important fire alarm systems information and providing an up-to-date education on the newest technology is critical to our life safety goals.

‘EPS devotes considerable resources into training our employees and especially our technicians.  Not only have we created a career path, we provide them with the knowledge and tools to become experts in life safety and security. It’s also critically important for our local first responders to have knowledge about something they come in contact with almost every day. This understanding and education of the fire alarm systems is something we take very seriously and now how critical it is to understand the basic rudimentary dynamics of fire alarm systems.

These brave men and women put their lives on the line each day. EPS is honored to assist the Grand Rapids Fire Department and improve their ability to provide excellent life safety services to the Grand Rapids community.”

– Michael Callahan, EPS Security Director of Operations


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