Fall safety tips for your business

Fall safety tips for your business

total connect over autumn leaves

total connect over autumn leavesWith Labor Day come and gone, fall is officially underway. When it comes to securing your business, every season provides its own unique challenges, and the long, dark Michigan autumn is no exception. Luckily, there are several ways to stay proactive about the security of your employees and your property so you can spend less time fretting about the safety of your business and more time drinking cider, carving pumpkins, and watching the big game.

Fall tips for business safety

Lighten up the dark.

Poorly-lit businesses are attractive targets to burglars, a problem only compounded by the extended periods of darkness that come with the fall. Installing and maintaining proper interior and exterior lighting for your business can make intruders think twice about attempting a break-in and can make it easier to identify anyone bold enough to try.

Maintain your landscaping.

Don’t give intruders the ability to hiding behind overgrown shrubbery, piles of leaves, or otherwise untidy landscaping features. Keeping your property maintained not only eliminates potential hiding places, but it also allows passing officers or pedestrians on patrol a better line of sight on your doors and windows in the event of a break-in.

Perform seasonal cleaning.

Many people associate deep, routine cleaning with the spring, but before you buckle down for the winter, consider tidying up your workspace. Dusting and decluttering both reduce the risk of office fires and fall hazards. Additionally, cleaning can help to clear evacuation routes in the event of an emergency.

Install a professional security system.

Yes, this may seem like a no-brainer, but studies show that professionally-installed alarm systems act as major deterrents against burglary and vandalism. Take your security one step further and install a high-quality surveillance system. Modern cameras have come a long way, and many have excellent night vision features for those long fall nights.

Perform system maintenance.

As mentioned above, security and life safety systems are vital components to the safety of your employees and property—but only if the devices are working properly. If you already have an existing system, fall is an excellent time to replace batteries, test smoke and CO detectors, and perform a general system diagnostic to ensure you will be properly alerted in the event of an emergency. It’s not just a helpful suggestion, either: all businesses are required to have their life system tested professionally once a year. If your business hasn’t had its annual fire test yet this year, it’s best to schedule one now and beat the rush of other businesses trying to get theirs done at the end of the year.

Review security protocol with employees.

Everyone needs a refresher on safety from time-to-time and checking to make sure your employees are current on emergency protocol and alarm system procedures are vital to ensuring long-term security for your business. This fall, practice emergency drills, take workplace safety training courses, and review security system arming and disarming procedures to keep everyone on the same page and increase the chance of successful management of any potential emergency.

Plan for the holidays.

Many businesses open and close at different times beginning around Thanksgiving and maintain a holiday season schedule. Additionally, on November 3rd, the clocks fall back an hour due to the end of Daylight Saving Time. These can affect schedules for alarm system openings and closings and automatic lock schedules for card access systems. If your systems run on a pre-determined schedule, make sure it is up-to-date so your system is secured at the correct times.

Prepare for the winter.

To many in Michigan, “snow” is a four-letter word, but fall is no stranger to pop-up snow flurries. Don’t wait until the snow’s already here to stockpile necessary safety supplies for the winter. Purchase salt and shovels, line up snow plowing services, check boilers and furnaces, and collect emergency blizzard and power outage supplies ahead of the onset of the long Michigan winter and stay ahead of the game.

Protect your business–and find your peace of mind

Fall is a busy time for businesses, so consider offloading your security concerns on EPS Security. As Michigan’s largest family-owned security provider, we have over sixty years of experience in helping local businesses lock down their security needs with customized systems and certified technicians. Is your system in need of routine maintenance or overdue for a fire test? We have technicians for that. Do you need to update your card access schedule or add codes to your security system for a new hire? We can take care of that for you, too. At EPS Security, going above and beyond to prepare our customers for whatever’s to come isn’t just our privilege—it’s the EPS Advantage.

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