9 important home burglary statistics

9 important home burglary statistics

In a perfect world, no one would ever have to think about the potential for a break-in at their own home. Unfortunately, home burglaries are still a commonly occurring crime, and an increasing number of homeowners are investing in home security systems to protect their family and their property. In the interest of those unfamiliar with home security, we’ve gathered nine of the most head-turning statistics surrounding the ever-present threat of burglary–because the first step in protecting your home is arming yourself with the facts.

Home Burglary Statistics


1.4 million annual home burglaries 60% of burglars deterred by presence of home security systems 17% of home have a security system installedLet’s start with the big number: an estimated 1.4 million burglaries occur annually, with break-ins most common in the hot summer months and less frequent during the late winter. The stark reality is that a burglary occurs in the US once every fifteen seconds, and the data doesn’t suggest a reprieve from the crime any time soon.

A survey was performed involving a number of convicted burglars, allowing security companies to gain greater insight into the motivations behind the crime. 83% of burglars said they check to see if a home has a security system installed, and an incredible 60% of them said they would choose a different, unprotected home if their original target had a system installed. Knowing this fact, it’s shocking to find that only 17% of homes actually utilize a home security solution to protect their family and property. Some people overly rely on their dogs, dummy cameras, or fake “protected by X company” security signs as their only line of defense against home invasion, which have been proven time and time again to be largely ineffective when compared to installing an actual alarm system.

300% more likely to be burglarized without a home security system $2,251 average loss of property per burglary 57% of burglaries require forced entryWhile the benefits of owning a securing system are incredible, the detriments to being without one are immediately apparent. With most burglars admitting they seek out unprotected targets, it’s no surprise that a home without a security system is three times more likely to be broken into than one with a professionally installed system installed. Once they’re in a home, the perpetrators are more likely abscond with high-valued goods that are small enough to carry, so jewelry, cash, guns, electronics, and medicine are among the most commonly stolen goods. In a very short amount of time, a burglar can leave your home with a staggering amount of expensive goods, most of which is never fully recovered.

Whereas many of these statistics speak to the deterrent powers of having an alarm system, the fact that 57% of burglaries require forced entry indicates the importance of why having a monitored alarm system is vital. Most burglars pick a lock, bust down a door, or break a window on the first floor of a home to gain entry. A quality alarm system will cover your doors and windows with contacts and glass break sensors for such an event, and a quality alarm company will have your system monitored locally to receive the signals from the devices and dispatch the authorities accordingly.

33% of burglars gain entry through unlocked windows or doors 65% of burglaries occur during the day 50% more likely for suburban homes to be burglarizedShockingly, it’s estimated that 33% of home burglaries occurred by the culprit simply sneaking in an unsecured door or unlocked window. Without an alarm system, there’s absolutely nothing preventing a burglar from simply walking in these houses and taking whatever they please. Of course, a home security system can still capture alarm signals if this does occur, but just to be safe, make sure you lock your doors and windows before you leave or when you go to sleep.

While it’s a common fear that most burglars break into homes in the dead of night,  the truth is most burglars want to avoid homeowners and attempt to gain entry to homes when people are most likely to be at work. That way, they avoid being spotted not only by the people living there, but potentially by neighbors who are also likely to be working.  For this same reason, burglars are more likely to hit a home in a lower-traffic, spread-out neighborhood. Suburban yards tend to offer more yard space, too, which allows burglars to try to break in through access points from various sides of the house.

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