ProSeries: Home security, comfort, & connection

ProSeries: Home security, comfort, & connection

ProSeries: It’s home security technology that earns its title. At EPS Security, our residential solutions bring security, life safety, and home comfort together, so you can focus on the people and things that matter to you most.

Modern home security for modern homes

With ProSeries home security, the opportunities (and advantages) are endless. This best-in-business technology from nationally-recognized brand First Alert® was crafted with the safety and convenience of every home in mind. With a wide variety of compatible devices and a sleek, central keypad, security, life safety, and home automation are integrated in one. From fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, to intrusion alarm devices, flood sensors, HD video cameras, and more—ProSeries home security is fit to secure your people, places, and things.

ProSeries home security panel shown on white countertop. Woman holds cell phone with Total Connect open on screen. What makes ProSeries the future of home security?

This home security technology is the definition of “smooth operator.”

ProSeries systems feature a touch screen keypad as high-tech as your television, which serves as an easy interface for alarm system control. This home security solution is also compatible with remote access using the Total Connect app. This technology is available on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, meaning you can gain access to your security system from anywhere, at any time. Total Connect allows you to program smart home settings, view HD camera footage, and receive alarm updates in real-time. Anything you can do from a keypad in your home, Total Connect can deliver straight to the palm of your hand!

These controls make it easier than ever to stay connected to your home.

Life safety solutions for peace of mind

At EPS Security, we take life safety seriously. Protecting your loves ones—from kiddos to furry friends—will always remain our number one priority. That’s why we install only the best home security and life safety systems, like First Alert®, in Michigan homes.

With ProSeries home security, fire alarms are “one-go-all-go.” This means when one smoke or heat sensor sounds, the rest do too. In previous generations of home security, fire alarms sounded individually. This poses risk, however, as a sleeping family member on a lower level may not hear an upstairs alarm. With one-go-all-go detectors, you can rest assured that every family member, wherever they are and whatever they’re doing, will hear the alarm in the event of an emergency.

Family gathered outside of home with first responder, ProSeries one-go-all-go detector illustrated in background, lit up red. Life safety is for everyone: ProSeries accessibility

Accessibility is of utmost importance in the security industry. After all, home security and life safety are for everyone. That’s why ProSeries smoke, heat, and CO detectors are designed with voice evacuation capabilities and visual alerts.

With ProSeries, voice evacuation may replace a fire alarm’s typical, high-pitched beep with emergency instructions.

Voice command examples with ProSeries: 

  • “Fire detected, exit the home immediately.”
  • “Carbon monoxide detected, seek fresh air.”

This feature assists family members in completing emergency plans quickly, while remaining calm. Additionally, ProSeries life safety devices feature bright, LED lights that flash a set color for each “type,” of emergency. These visual signals can help alert the audibly impaired, or simply emphasize which type of alarm is sounding.

A scalable home solution

Home security is not one-size-fits-all. ProSeries home security is a scalable system fit to secure anything from the smallest bungalows, to the largest mansions. Whether you’re protecting a primary residence, a second home, a pole barn, or she-shed, ProSeries can be customized to fit your unique safety needs. When you partner with EPS Security, our on-site engineers and experienced sales representatives will design a personalized home security solution with your people, places, and things specifically in mind.

ProSeries home thermostat reading sixty-five degrees, shown over image of an inviting home living room. Home comfort at your fingertips

Ever wished you could control your home settings with the touch of a button? Arrive home from an afternoon away with the temperature and lighting set just to your liking? With ProSeries home automation, all this—and more—is possible. In 2023, a home security solution should do more than protect you from fire and break-ins. Home automation allows you to ease your day-today routines, and can even help you conserve energy at your residence.

With ProSeries home automation, the following is all within reach:

  • Programming outdoor lights to turn on at 6:00 PM
  • Creating a routine for your thermostat, altering temp according to time of day
  • Locking or unlocking your front door with the touch of a button
  • Opening the garage door for a neighbor while away. No need to hide that risky, spare key!
  • Program a routine for your coffee pot, so it’s always on when you wake up

ProSeries Total Connect app illustrated on cell phone in user's hand. This remote home security app shows the security system is "armed away." “… arm my security system.”

“Hey Alexa—” … Yeah, you heard that right. ProSeries home security systems are compatible with Amazon Alexa® and Google Assistant™, so you can select the virtual assistant of your choice. Voice compatibility allows you to gain authority over your system, while remaining hands-free.

If your smart phone, tablet, and television all feature voice command, why shouldn’t your security system?

Not only does ProSeries offer voice command, but it also features Bluetooth compatibility. With high-tech Bluetooth accessibility, your alarm system can be programmed to recognize your personal cell phone and other smart devices. Your system can be set to open the garage door, turn on exterior lights, or unlock the front door when your chosen devices come within a certain radius. With Bluetooth connection, you will never again need to fumble for physical keys while trying to carry-in takeout or unload the kids.

Our EPS advantage

At EPS Security, we have secured Michigan homes for more than sixty-five years—since 1955. Our technology is the future, but we won’t forget our past. As industry technology and best-practices evolve, you have our word that we’ll continue to do so, too. Our state-of-the-art home security technology, personal customer service, local, award-winning Monitoring Center, and more, offer Michiganders safety partnerships they can trust.

Ready to advance the security and comfort of your home? We’ll rise to the occasion.

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