The connected home: Making Earth Day, every day

The connected home: Making Earth Day, every day

Common Earth Day discourse is centered around planting trees, clearing trash from beaches, and admiring Earth for all she is. While each of these actions has the potential to make an important impact, sustainable practices start with our day-to-day routines. How can you make Earth Day, every day? EPS is here to help.

Sustainable home practices

Integrating sustainable practices into our daily routines allows us to make the largest impact. At home, consider how you might reduce waste and conserve energy.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average person creates 4.9 pounds of waste per day (2018). Analyzing what goes to waste in your home, and how often, can help you find your starting point. When it comes to reducing excess, consider these questions:

  • Are you purchasing food or other products that often go untouched?
  • Could you prioritize purchasing items that come in recyclable packaging?
  • Could items you toss instead be donated or upcycled?

Getting into the habit of composting and recycling in the home is also an impactful practice. Of the 4.9 pounds of average daily waste per person, paper and paperboard products make up the largest percentage. This means waste levels can be reduced immensely by recycling and composting. Consider getting your household together to discuss what can be recycled or composted, and selecting a designated space for this process. Little by little, these sustainable habits can become your new norm.

Conserving energy in your home is another way to make positive change. Major sources of energy use within a home include heating and AC units, stagnant electronics, and home lighting. Limiting excess can help save the planet, and your pocketbook.

The connected home: conserving energy, reducing cost

It’s 2023, which means your security technology should do more than protect your home from external threats—it should add value to your every day. Smart home technology provides peace of mind, and allows homeowners to conserve energy use. 

Home automation with EPS Security consists of a series of connected devices, which allow for easy oversight of and interaction with the home. Connected smart home devices include garage door openers, electronic door locks, blind controls, light switches, thermostats, and more. These devices are controlled through a sleek, central keypad, and can also be accessed remotely through your smartphone or PC.

So, how can connected home technology aid your environmental impact? 

Connected smart home thermostats allow you to set temperature routines, making it easy to maintain a certain energy standard. Homeowners can program the thermometer to lower from 68 degrees to 65 degrees while you’re away at the office, or in the evening. Similarly, blind controls allow you to conceal windows on particularly sunny days, so you can keep indoor temperatures low in spring and summer, without blasting the air.

Smart home lighting and connected outlets also allow for easy control and scheduling of home settings. Imagine programming the coffee pot to turn on at 7:00 AM, or setting a timer that shuts off all lights at 10:00 PM. With a connected home through EPS Security, you can do more than imagine.

Another perk? In most homes, conserving energy means lowering monthly bills. So in the long run, your security system may just pay for itself.

The EPS advantage 

Connected home services are just one part of a comprehensive home security solution. For more than 65 years, EPS Security has been handling Michigander’s unique security needs. From conserving energy to protecting your family from fire and intrusion, we’re here to help. Our team of dedicated professionals will be with you every step of the way, from engineering your customized security solution, to helping you program smart home routines. That’s the EPS advantage. If you’re ready to amp up sustainability and home security, we’re just a call away.

Comprehensive home security with EPS 

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