Why your business needs a security partner—not just a one-and-done installer

Why your business needs a security partner—not just a one-and-done installer

two people leaning over a laptop computer at a businessBusinesses are often built on successful partnerships. Whether it’s people with great ideas coming together to start a business, a management team that works together to achieve common goals, or relationships with suppliers or vendors, partnerships are an essential component of any successful business model.

With so many professional relationships to manage, it’s easy to overlook one of your most vital ones: the partnership you have with your security provider. Many business owners believe their relationship with a security system provider ends once the system is installed, which is true for many security companies. While a number of security providers subscribe to the one-and-done “put it in and let them fend for themselves” approach to commercial security installation, there are other companies who view installing a security system as an ongoing process.

At EPS Security, we view our customers as partners and firmly believe in maintaining and strengthening our continuing relationships with those partners. Check out these three reasons why partnering with a company like EPS for your business’ security can be quite beneficial!

They take the time to get to know your business and your specific needs.

Every business is unique. A qualified security partner should embrace what differentiates your business from all others and work to create a system that will meet your particular needs. Having regular, ongoing communication with your security partner enables them able to get to know YOUR facility, YOUR business, and YOUR needs. Knowing this background information can help them create a system that is the right fit for you.

Getting to know a business takes time, which is something “one-and-done” security installers simply aren’t willing to invest in. Security companies that sell you a system, install it, and leave without continued support often tell you what they think you need at the cost of what you know you need, whereas an invested security partner will develop a solution that marries both what you want and need.

They can provide customized solutions.

If you work with a security company that treats you as a partner, they will have a clearer understanding of your business and can work with you to create a system that is specially customized for your location and needs. Unique, comprehensive security systems come with a variety of features, including:

  • Burglary and intrusion detection components like glass break sensors, motion detectors, door contacts, and panic buttons
  • Wide-ranging video surveillance equipment that meets your technological and budgetary needs
  • Access control devices like card readers and intercom systems
  • Code-dictated fire and life safety systems and alarm monitoring
Intrusion AlarmFire & Life Safety
Access ControlVideo Surveillance

Selecting the proper components and configuring them in a way that provides your business with the most protection shouldn’t be done by companies who only care about the bottom line. Consider partnering with a reputable local company with decades of experience and a vested interest in maintaining relationships with the communities they work and reside in.

They provide continued maintenance and service.

In most cases, an optimized business security system is a work in progress. If you have a partnership with your security company, it can be easier for them to help you with issues like:

  • Tweaking your system. Sometimes components need to be reconfigured, added, or removed to create the best system for your needs
  • Upgrading system technology. A security partner can provide you with updates and guidance when it comes to ever-changing technology.
  • Repairing a broken system. If your security company is serious about building and maintaining a relationship with you, they will do whatever they can to provide you with the best customer service during your time of need.

technician opening an eps security vehicle door

Consider EPS to be your strategic security partner!

At EPS, we strongly believe that superior customer service doesn’t stop once a system is installed. We stand behind our products with continued service and assistance, creating a strategic partnership with your business that will last for years to come.

As West Michigan’s premier security provider, we have more trucks and technicians available than any other security provider in the area. This allows us to easily address the ongoing security needs of our customers as they arise. To learn more about what a partnership with EPS can do for your business, fill out the form below to contact us and get the conversation started!

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