How a customizable access control system can protect your business

How a customizable access control system can protect your business

At EPS Security, we pride ourselves on providing custom security solutions to fit the specific needs of every unique business. For instance, we wouldn’t engineer the same security system for a corner store as we would a bank or a high school. A restaurant is going to need its own unique measures taken to address the risk of fire that differ from that of an assembly line. We firmly believe that a blanket approach to securing a facility results in facilities that are not truly secure. When it comes to protecting your business from the various threats that face it, we know you can’t afford to cut corners.

Installing the perfect card access control system for your business is no different. Card access control systems are a crucial component of any comprehensive security solution. By controlling who gains access to your facility and when they are able to access it, companies can better monitor traffic entering and exiting their premises—and thus, better protect their employees and inventory. The ability to craft custom access control solution for each individual business maximizes our ability to provide superior security for a wide variety of industries, each with their own diverse and unique protection concerns.

 hand swiping access card at keypadWho stands to benefits from the added protection of access control?

At its core, a card access control system is designed to lock down doors for anyone without proper clearance. For example, an employee door can be set up with a keyfob scanner or card reader so only employees with active fobs or cards can gain access. Furthermore, each individual fob or card can be assigned levels of clearance and specific windows of time in which it can activate each door. A retail store owner can grant an employee access to the inventory during set times during their shifts while programming their own key for 24/7 access.

Because of this flexibility, the protection possibilities for access control systems in businesses are countless. Coupled with other unique features, card access control systems can address the specific security concerns of owners and operators in any number of industries, including:

Businesses with multiple locations.

Whether your employees travel between locations or stay put, managing multiple locations can be a headache. Even businesses with a large campus and multiple buildings can be a logistical nightmare when it comes controlling who has access to which building and when. Luckily, innovative access control software can not only determine what employees can use which buildings, but it can be used on micro level to control which rooms within the building each employee can utilize. Staff working in a single building can be given isolated access to it, while traveling staff or higher-ups can be given more liberal access depending on their needs.

Businesses open to the public.

Controlling the flow of traffic inside a bustling building is critical in protecting inventory and staff. It’s much easier to corral clients and customers into the spaces they are supposed to occupy and traverse if the doors they don’t need to be in remained locked to those without fobs or cards. With the right access control equipment, certain doors can remain locked or unlocked for the entire span of business hours and can even be adjusted for holidays, ensuring even those who don’t work for you are where they are supposed to be at all times.

hand swiping access card at card access reader

Businesses with high turnover.

Any owner in an industry with high turnover such as restaurants or retail knows the pain of having to confiscate keys or change locks whenever a staff member leaves. While it’s recommended that owners collect access fobs or cards from departing employees, any active card or fob in an access control system can be deactivated and removed from the system at will. If it becomes impossible to track a departing employee down or a former employee needs to be stripped of access immediately, a fob can be removed within second through the access software.

Locations with a need to keep tabs on visitors.

Safety in a facility such as a school is of paramount importance, creating a need for maximum control over who grants to the building during operational hours. Intercom systems, a component of access control systems, have become popular in school systems as a way to see and hear visitors before unlocking the doors and granting them access.

However, it often isn’t enough to simply check a visitor in. Any business granting temporary access to a visitor needs to be able to control what parts of the facility the visitor has access to while they are inside. And if the visitor forgets to return their fob or card before leaving, the access control administrator can deprogram the key to ensure it is unable to be used again.

Facilities who may need to initiate a fast lockdown.

Security solutions can be used to make day-to-day processes easier, but a system must also perform its most essential function: protecting lives and livelihoods against serious threats. The unfortunate reality is that disturbed former employees, belligerent customers, or malicious outside actors may create a need to lock down a facility completely or isolate a human threat to eliminate their ability to move around inside a facility. While these are common features in banks, jails, schools, or other facilities more likely to deal with hostile parties, the ability for access control to help minimize the danger of a violent party is useful for any business.

Facilities needing help administrating their access

For many businesses, the concept of an involved access control system sounds great. However, committing to a solution is often restrained by limited technological know-how or the inability to have someone dedicated to managing key fob entry, usage reports, and other administrative aspects of maintaining an access system. Luckily, EPS Security has a solution: the EPS Managed Card Access department, a group of trained EPS technicians dedicated to committing changes and maintaining the administrative side of systems for companies who prefer to have their system managed by professionals. EPS Managed Card Access is the preferred method of system administration by both some of our largest clients and smaller businesses who simply don’t have the manpower to run their system effectively without our help. [insert managed CA link]

commercial burglary infographicThe EPS Advantage

Modern card access control systems contain a variety of facets and features, including fingerprint and iris scanners, video intercoms, and the ability to integrate with video surveillance systems. These features, coupled with the inherent flexibility of access systems, can help protect businesses of any variety while making their day-to-day tasks more convenient. However, finding the control system solution that covers your unique needs requires technical and engineering knowledge unavailable to most people. Businesses who choose EPS Security, however, find that securing their sites with best-of-breed devices at affordable prices is easier than they imagined. The vast majority of businesses stand to benefit from a convenience or security standpoint. Enhance your facility’s security level with an EPS solution and discover a personalized solution 65 years in the making.

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