The local face of business break-ins—and how to protect your own

The local face of business break-ins—and how to protect your own

When the discussion turns to business security, the concept can often seem theoretical. Crimes against businesses happen, you may think, but they wouldn’t happen to me. National statistics on intrusion, vandalism, and theft feel more like an aggregate of crime from more “dangerous” cities than an accurate depiction of what’s happening in your own backyard. What’s more, the longer your business operates without complications, the more comfortable you may become with the idea that a security system is an unnecessary precaution. A sense of complacency can overtake the need for vigilance in defending your business from the very real threats that face it.

But just how real is the threat of crime against your business? One only needs to look as far as the local news to find actual incidents of break-ins, vandalism, and larceny.





Given these news stories and more, it quickly becomes apparent that not only are property crimes against businesses a very real threat, but it’s also a local threat that should not be taken lightly.

The (bad) numbers don’t lie

Putting a local face on the issue of business break-ins makes the statistics all the more bleak. A 2017 study found that nearly 1 in 10 businesses suffered a break-in or burglary in the year prior. While the scope of damage can vary wildly from crime to crime, it’s estimated that burglars caused as much as $3.4 billion in property damage in 2017 alone. On a per-incident basis, that’s nearly $2,500 in damage from property loss alone.

Such statistics don’t fully calculate the total loss experienced in the aftermath of a business burglary. Certainly, criminals like to target easily portable, highly valuable items such as cash, jewelry, cell phones, laptops, and other electronics, but they also highly covet guns, prescription medication, and even personal documents—the latter of which most businesses will certainly have somewhere onsite. Worse yet, if a business is identified as having a strategic security weakness, it’s likely to be targeted repeatedly until the vulnerability can no longer be exploited.

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How can a security system protect my business?

Given the astounding fiscal cost of commercial property crimes—let alone the stress and time expense associated with picking up the pieces—it quickly becomes apparent that you cannot afford to leave your business unprotected. But how exactly can a professional security system help to secure your life’s work?

Professional security systems rely on two principles: deterrence and detection. Of 422 surveyed convicted burglars, 60% said the presence of an intrusion alarm system would cause them to pick a different target entirely. The number of respondents who claimed surveillance cameras were a major deterrent when considering would-be targets was nearly identical. Simply put, the visible or publicized presence of a professionally installed security system immediately makes your facility safer.

Of course, a security system isn’t truly protecting anything unless it actually works. A professionally installed intrusion alarm system consists of a well-designed, customized web of devices such as door and window contacts, motion sensors, glass breaks, and more that work together to detect any intruder breaking in when the alarm is set. These intrusion systems are often coupled with video surveillance systems for identifying potential threats and access control systems for controlling the flow of traffic through certain doors both before and after hours, therefore maximizing the security of your building by giving you control over who can get in and when.

Finally, a complete security package must include 24/7/365 monitoring by a professional provider. If a glassbreak detects someone breaking through your front window, the police will only be dispatched if the alarm signal is sent to a monitoring center and interpreted by trained operators. While alarm systems alarm locally to alert tenants onsite of an emergency and also to deter intruders, it’s necessary to partner with a highly rated monitoring center to ensure expedient and efficient dispatch of emergency services to your site.

The EPS Advantage

Luckily, Michigan businesses don’t have to look far to find an industry leader in commercial security alarm engineering, installation, maintenance, and monitoring. For 65 years, we’ve worked with businesses of all sizes in countless industries to devise comprehensive security solutions to best suit their individual needs. When a business owner works with EPS Security, they can be confident in the fact that we’ve been designing solutions that utilize only the best manufacturers and devices to provide optimum protection for those who trust in us.

Criminals won’t take it easy on you. Don’t take it easy on them. Choose EPS Security for your protection needs and take your business security to the next level.

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