The unsung benefits of home security systems

The unsung benefits of home security systems

Home security systems feature their central purpose right in their name–securing homes. Many people hear “home security” and focus on a single (albeit important) feature of said systems—protecting homes from burglars and other intruders. Unfortunately, because the word “security” is so often related to “intrusion,” other equally important and convenient features of these systems get swept under the rug. Modern home security systems are multi-faceted, layered apparatuses capable of protecting your home and family from more than just human intruders while providing a standard of convenience many homeowners did not know was attainable—and these are just a few of their unsung benefits.

Water leak detection

Keeping unwanted things out of your house isn’t limited to burglars. Modern home security systems are also capable of detecting pooling water in places within your home that should stay dry. Water leak detectors contain sensors that send a signal to a home’s alarm panel the moment they’re triggered, detecting a water leak before substantial damage can be done. And water leaks can certainly be substantial, with an estimated 14,000 people a day experiencing water damage in their homes and businesses to the tune of thousands of dollars in repairs.

With an estimated 98% of household basements expected to fall victim to some sort of water damage over the course of their lifetimes, water leak detectors are an essential component for any home’s security solution. They’re also excellent for second homes, cottages, or any residential property that is likely to sit empty for stretches of time. Whether used around sump pumps, exposed pipes, or sinks, a water detector is an inexpensive layer of security that could prospectively save you big bucks down the line.

Low temperature monitoring

When you live in Michigan, you know it’s going to get cold. Whether your residence is closer to Indiana or the Mighty Mac, winter hits the Mitten State like a frigid sledgehammer year in and year out. While a security system can’t prevent winter from coming, it can help to protect your home from the unforgiving elements. Specifically, low temperature sensors—devices common in commercial server rooms and coolers—can help to notify you if your home gets colder than its designated setting.

The chief benefit of this sensor is to prevent the cracking or bursting of pipes due to malfunctioning or broken HVAC systems. Much like water leak detectors, are excellent additions to second homes and cottages which may sit vacant for months at a time. They’re also ideal for any specialized room that should stay within a certain range of temperatures, such as a wine cellar or humidor. Because of their adjustable temperature settings, low temperature sensors are an exceptionally preventative measure for houses in a state notorious for its unforgiving winters.

Carbon monoxide detection

Home security systems also double as life safety systems. While house fires often grab the headlines (and for good reason), another all-too-common life safety threat is often neglected by homeowners. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that results from the insufficient burning of fossil fuels. Improperly vented fireplaces or malfunctioning furnaces can cause carbon monoxide buildup in a home, and because it is imperceptible by sight or smell, it all too often leads to deadly results.

An estimated 50,000 people are hospitalized yearly due to carbon monoxide poisoning, but it doesn’t mean your house—and family—should stay at risk. Monitored carbon monoxide detectors can be installed on professional security systems. At the first sign of the presence of carbon monoxide in your home, a carbon monoxide detector would send a signal to your security panel, alert the designated monitoring center, and dispatch the authorities immediately to your home. While carbon monoxide detection isn’t often the first benefit that comes to mind when homeowners think of home security, it’s a feature that is abundantly appreciated by those who have relied on it in emergency situations.

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Remote home control

Home security systems surged in popularity in the 1970s as the technology became affordable for the average homeowner. Unfortunately, many people still think of home security in the 1970s sense—as a bulky, wired, static feature in a home that exists solely to detect and alert. In truth, the latest technology trends toward smart home connectivity have shifted security systems into a more dynamic niche: home automation.

Security systems still function for detection/alarm, but it’s no longer the only thing they are capable of. Most security devices are now wireless, sparing homes from unnecessary and invasive drilling. They are smaller and sleeker, allowing for better placement and less aesthetic obstruction. Most importantly, the devices can now connect and communicate with each other for remote control of your system. With a smart home security system, you can arm/disarm your system, check your activity logs, and even control compatible video cameras and video doorbells from a single application on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. For home automation hubs like EPS Security’s Total Connect, other compatible smart devices such as door locks, lights, and garage door openers can be synced to the system, allowing for maximum control of your home wherever you may be. In the age of smart home security, security systems are no longer “just” for protection—they’re also a means to enhancing your lifestyle.

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The EPS Advantage

To take full advantage of the unsung benefits of a modern home security system, you first need to partner with a professional security provider with knowledge and experience. EPS Security has accumulated more than sixty years of residential security experience. With offices across the state of Michigan, no one is better positioned to help you engineer, install, and maintain your home security system well into the future. And as a local company, we have a vested interest in providing superior security solutions to our customers, as many of them are our families, friends, and neighbors.

Your dream home deserves a dream system. Let us take charge and show you the protection, convenience, and peace of mind an EPS Security system can bring.

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