Smart home automation: increasing property value

Smart home automation: increasing property value

When you add new hardwood floors or granite counter-tops to your home you can be confident in a return on the investment, and adding a fresh coat of paint will help increase curb appeal, but have you considered installing smart home technology? Home automation systems can increase the curb appeal of your home while also increasing the property’s value. That’s a big win for the homeowner!

Think about it like this: if you are shopping for a new cell phone, you could purchase a simple one that only allows you to make calls, but wouldn’t it be more enticing if that phone had face recognition capabilities, was waterproof, and took professional-like photos? The same goes for your home. As technology advances, homes with smart home features are more enticing and more likely to sell before homes without this technology. According to Consumer Reports, home automation can enhance your home’s resale value by up to 5%.

Dads everywhere! Put a lock box over that thermostat and control your domain from just about anywhere!

What is ‘smart home’ automation?

Home automation is the ability to control aspects of your home through the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or in-home electronic interface (keypad). With home automation, you can lock the doors, dim the lights, and change the thermostat all while sitting on the couch or from your desk at work. If you’re at the airport ready to jet halfway across the world, but you’re not sure whether you closed the garage door, you can check and close it from your smartphone—how convenient is that?

Home automation doesn’t just mean turning off the lights and turning up the thermostat though! Home automation includes your security system, surveillance cameras, sensors, door locks, and smoke detectors. When we talk about the increase in your home’s property value due to home automation, this is the kind of technology we are discussing. Installing a professional security system is one of the best ways to make your home a smart home. A professional security system allows you to add the light dimming, thermostat changing, garage door closing technology that makes having a security system fun. Many new security systems also perform as the central hub for most automation devices to communicate. A great place to start!

Forget to close the garage door? No problem!

What makes home automation so valuable:

Until recently, large commercial buildings and expensive homes were the only buildings utilizing smart automation systems. It seemed like a luxury item rather than a necessity. As technology advances, however, controlling your home from your smartphone is becoming more affordable—fusing safety, security, and convenience together. What makes these smart homes so valuable? Smart homes are safer, more convenient, and a money saver. Smart homes with comprehensive security systems ensure the safety of the house and allow you to integrate other smart home devices to build over time and improve the integrity of your system.

Control lights, blinds, locks and doors from your smartphone app

Thinking about installation?

Cheap products get the job done, but they don’t stand the test of time. If you are looking to improve the value of your home, the key is understanding that technology is a long-term investment. When looking into adding smart-home automation, think about the quality of the product and its longevity. Opting for a complete home security system with integrated technology that can easily be updated and added to as home security trends change is a great idea. Technology will continue to advance, and your system should be prepared to adapt.

If you’re interested in increasing the property value of your home by adding smart home technology, EPS would love to help! For more information about installing a comprehensive security system in your home click the button below, or fill out our Quote Request Form form to speak with a representative.

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