When to consider upgrading your video surveillance system

When to consider upgrading your video surveillance system

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It is possible you’ve had a video surveillance security system for a few years, and are happy with the service. However, like most technology, it will eventually need an update. Below, we’ve come up with a few reasons to consider expanding your current system to meet new or future needs. One of the true tests of a quality video surveillance system is that it performs on day 1000 as well as it did on day one!

Note: If after reading this article you are interested in updating, we highly suggest contacting an EPS Security Consultant to provide an appropriate solution.


If your building is in the process of a remodel or expansion, it’s time to think about adding cameras to the existing system. Changes made to the structure of the building calls for a reassessment of security weaknesses and updating the surveillance system to cover vulnerabilities.

A security system should be consistent throughout the entire building. In the case of an expansion or remodel, it’s important to maintain consistency by having a surveillance system updated to match the current system. Uniformity will improve integrity of the system and provide added protection for the property.

Changes in layout

If you decide to reformat instead of expand, and upgrade might still be necessary. Perhaps a retail store chooses to rearrange shelves to serve customers better, or a warehouse decides to restructure the floor plan for better organization. In any case, video surveillance is specific to each space and may need revision in the event of reorganization. Contact an EPS Consultant if you are unsure whether the new layout requires the video surveillance to be adjusted.

New hours of operation

Consider adding surveillance cameras if you add a shift or adjust hours of service . Businesses that are open late should have outdoor cameras that are suitable for changing light quality. For added safety for employees working late, the cameras system should be modified to record longer.

Choose a dedicated security provider

A security system isn’t necessarily a one-and-done install. Updates are essential to meet your changing needs and to get the most out of your video surveillance system.

Keeping up with evolving technology and understanding security jargon is an overwhelming task, but when you work with a dedicated security provider like EPS Security, the work of updating and maintaining is taken off your shoulders. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers, project managers, and designers who specialize in surveillance systems to make sure you are always getting what you need and nothing you don’t.

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