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ProSeries: the future of home security is here

ProSeries: the future of home security is here

At EPS Security, we strive to provide those looking to bolster their home security with abundant reasons to partner with us. We like to tout our 66 years of experience in engineering, installing, and maintaining home security systems. We often point to our award-winning Monitoring Center and highly-trained team of technicians, consultants, and engineers. We’re proud of the fact that, despite operating four offices throughout the state, our business is family-owned and locally operated, allowing us to better serve our surrounding communities.

As much as we like to emphasize our achievements, credentials, and intangibles, a huge component of home security involves the technology itself. We strive to provide our customers with the latest, greatest, and safest home security solutions and work closely with world-leading security vendors to find world-beating devices at penny-saving prices. When it comes to protecting what matters most to you, we firmly believe that a “good enough” security system simply isn’t good enough and, as such, are always looking for the next best achievement in home security technology—and we’ve found it, thanks to the Honeywell Home ProSeries product line.

Work smarter, not harder

The future of home security technology is “smart,” and it’s hard to find a smarter security system than the ProSeries. Home automation—the ability for security system and its various components to be connected via wireless signal and controlled remotely—used to be a “perk” of top-end home security systems. In this age of smart technology, home automation is an expectation, and the ProSeries is built with this expectation in mind. Up to 80 compatible smart devices can be connected through the ProSeries alarm panel and controlled through the easy-to-use Total Connect application. Everything from smart door locks to connected coffee makers can be activated or deactivated from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

All-in-One Keypad

Speaking of alarm panels, the ProSeries All-in-One alarm panel doubles as a keypad, minimizing the components needed to control your smart home system. And with the all-in-one keypad, it’s easy to determine who is actually punching in a disarm code. The keypad snaps a picture every time the system is disarmed at the panel, allowing you to verify that it’s actually you son or daughter entering the house and not one of their friends, neighbors, or anyone else you to whom you may have revealed your code.

Amazon Alexa®

Voice assistants have come a long way since Siri arrived on the scene almost a decade ago. The convenience of giving verbal commands or making requests to a single all-encompassing digital assistant has created a niche in the modern home for the likes of Amazon’s Alexa®. The ProSeries capitalizes on these advancements and comes equipped with Alexa®, essentially giving your all-in-one keypad Echo Dot© capabilities.* Too engrossed in a television show to get up and dim the lights? “Alexa®—turn down living room lights.” Leaving for an appointment? “Alexa®, arm the security system.” By integrating your smart home security system with Alexa’s® ease of use, the ProSeries makes controlling your smart home—and protecting your family—easier than ever before.

*Note: The ProSeries All-in-One keypad does not support Alexa’s® music-playing capabilities given the limitations of the built-in-speakers. We don’t want to ruin “Carry On, My Wayward Son” any more than you do.

Hands-free disarming

While Alexa© can be used to arm your system, as a security precaution, a ProSeries system cannot be disarmed via voice request. It can, however, be disarmed using Bluetooth hands-free disarming. No more fumbling at the keypad or accidentally punching in the wrong code: when you return from the supermarket with an armful of groceries, your ProSeries system can be programmed to recognize your personal cell phone and to disarm automatically once you are within range.

MotionViewer® video motion detector

The ability to affordably view your home with video cameras is a relatively new trend fueled by better camera technology at cheaper production rates. Video integration in home security is popular specifically because of the ability to verify events as they unfold. (For example: the Skybell video doorbell, a ProSeries-compatible device that can help you screen visitors at your door from your Total Connect app.) The ProSeries takes video integration a step further with the MotionViewer® motion detector. Instead of receiving a motion alarm from inside your house and wondering if a family member, pet, or even billowing curtain is the culprit, the MotionViewer® will transmit video clips of the event in question so you can verify whether the alarm is legitimate or false. By giving you the ability to verify your own motion alarms, the MotionViewer® might save you money on false alarm-related emergency dispatches and is an essential addition to any home with pets, children, or a family member who can’t figure out how to properly set the alarm system when you’re not home.

Securing home security

Gizmos and gadgets are fun and convenient, but at the end of the day, your home security system needs to protect what matters most to you. Instead of tacking “smart home” features onto a conventional security system, the ProSeries is designed to utilize smart technology to enhance its ability to secure your home.

128-bit encryption

Certain “smart” devices that came to market in the last generation of security systems were found to contain security vulnerabilities that left them open to hacking. These prospective vulnerabilities were tackled head-on securing the ProSeries line with a highly-secure AES-128 bit encryption, making hackers’ lives harder while keeping yours simple.

Two-way communication

Wireless devices make for easier installation and operation of your home security system, but they have their own caveats. If a battery dies or a device experiences signal interruption, it will stop communication with the alarm control panel, thus leaving that point unprotected. Older generations of systems would periodically have a wireless device such as a motion sensor send out supervisory signals back to the panel to “check in” to ensure proper communication. However, if a device “died” immediately after sending a supervisory signal, hours might pass before the device misses its check-in, leaving that area of the home unprotected.

The ProSeries fixes this problem by coming standard with two-way communication. Instead of waiting for devices to check in, the ProSeries all-in-one controller is in constant communication with its wireless devices. By continuously reaching out to devices and receiving a signal back from them, the ProSeries can immediately determine whether a device is experiencing communication issues or needs to have its batteries changed, thus keeping your system performing at its highest level.

One-go-all-go fire alarms

In previous iterations of home security systems, if a smoke detector went off in your home, it would sound locally—that is, the specific device would alarm while the rest of the devices would remain silent. While this may not be an issue in smaller homes, a smoke detector going off in the basement may not be heard by sleeping family members on the second floor. ProSeries takes life safety to the next level by implementing one-go-all-go technology, ensuring that every audible device connected to the security system will go off in an alarm situation. With newer homes being more flammable than older ones given their construction materials, alerting your family and evacuating the home as quickly as possible is of utmost importance—and one that the ProSeries addresses head-on.

Voice and visual alarm alerts

Studies show that children especially are likely to sleep through the simple beeping of a smoke or carbon monoxide detector. They do, however, respond more effectively to voice alerts, a feature of the new ProSeries combination smoke/carbon monoxide/heat detectors. Not only do the combination detectors call out (all at once, remember, with one-go-all-go technology) using a pre-recorded voice, but it also differentiates between the specific type of emergency. What’s more, the combination detectors use color-coded lights to visually alert occupants as to what category of emergency is occurring. Knowing whether you’re responding to a carbon monoxide leak or a house fire can better prepare you for the proper evacuation procedures in a situation where every second counts.

The future is now: ProSeries home security

The ProSeries line of home security products uses advanced security features to stupefy would-be intruders and hackers while simultaneously improving the homeowner’s lifestyle. While the system is wonderfully simple to use, this next-generation smart home system requires a professionally-trained and experienced security provider to engineer and install it to fit your unique home. EPS Security has worked closely with Resideo throughout the development of the ProSeries line and as such, we are perfectly positioned to install these systems and educate our customers on how to best use its features to improve their lives and bolster their home security. Whether you need a new security system or are overdue for an upgrade to the current “best of class,” let EPS Security guide you through the design and installation process to find how the ProSeries can fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and effortlessly suit your security needs.

Step into the future with the ProSeries security system

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