Customer Spotlight: Michawyé puts EPS on guard duty with managed access control

Customer Spotlight: Michawyé puts EPS on guard duty with managed access control

Late autumn leaves changing to red and orange on golf course

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It’s often debated among Michiganders where “northern” Michigan truly begins. Some believe you’re only truly there when you cross the mighty Mackinac bridge. Others might argue it’s no more than an hour’s drive from Michigan’s larger cities. The proud residents of Gaylord would certainly argue the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

Michaywé: a northern gem

Michaywé is one of Gaylord’s oldest communities. Nearly 1,000 homes have been built atop its hills over decades of development. Just south of town, residents are proud of the abundance of natural splendor and fresh air. The property is well known for its spectacular golf course Michaywé Pines and excellent American cuisine at Inn The Woods. In fact, according to General Manager Todd Chwatun, “The golf course and restaurant are expecting record-setting attendance in 2019.”

Michaywé continues to support its community members with a variety of services. The recreational facilities include exclusive use of an indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, tennis courts, and access to their Opal Lake Beach House. However, with hundreds of members, door codes and access to these facilities began to run into issues. Non-members were found using the pool and causing a ruckus for members. The environment was becoming less exclusive and more disruptive.

Enlisting EPS Security for help

Realizing the importance of meeting the high standards of Michaywé’s members, Todd called up EPS to discover possible security solutions. EPS had already been providing a comprehensive intrusion alarm service for the Clubhouse, but the only security guarding everyday access to the pool was a simple keypad on the door.

The installation of a Managed Access Control system for the pool facilities provided Michaywé a quick solution with immediate benefits. EPS installed a card reader to replace the door’s keypad and provided Todd and his team enough access cards to disperse two for each member. When a system’s card is lost or a member leaves the community, Todd simply contacts the EPS Managed Card Access team to delete the card’s access to the system. This nearly guarantees no more easy public access to the private facilities. Each card can also provide a distinct user report in the event anything disruptive occurs so the Michaywé team can know exactly which members were present. In addition to solving one security problem, Todd provided great praise to the quality of service he receives from EPS, stating, “The technicians at EPS are professional, easy to work with, and have excellent response time to any issues.”

Michaywé is also considering adding video surveillance to complete a comprehensive security solution, displaying their dedication to providing its membership and community with top notch services.

Late autumn leaves changing to red and orange on golf course

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