3G/4G sunset: the next generation of cellular communication

3G/4G sunset: the next generation of cellular communication

Cell tower against gray sky

cell tower against a cloudy gray skyEPS Security technicians have started installing the latest LTE alarm signal communication devices ahead of what the telecommunications industry has coined the 4G sunset.

What is the 4G sunset?

Simply put, the sunset marks the upcoming end of support of aging 3G & 4G networks by telephone companies.

Cellular communication technology improves generationally. In the same way Apple releases new iPhones with the latest technological improvements and phase out their older models, phone companies have made substantial improvements to their networks over time.  The slower, outdated networks are eventually phased out as the companies transition their support to the newer, faster networks. The new towers being built for the “next generation” of cellular data support both 5G and LTE networks, and the older towers that supported 3G and 4G are being eliminated.

4G sunset and alarm systems

While the transition away from 3G/4G is still in its early stages, EPS Security is already acting to ensure their systems are prepared for the change.

Many EPS Security systems utilize cell towers as a means of sending signals to our Monitoring Center. This means alarm systems containing the older, non-LTE-supporting model of the cellular communicator will need to have their systems upgraded to the newest model to maintain proper system communication.

Those EPS Security customers with Cellular Protection Plans will have a technician scheduled to upgrade the cellular communication unit soon.  Other customers affected by the eventual 3G/4G sunset will be contacted in the near future by the EPS Security Inside Sales team to discuss available options.

The good news?  Telecommunications companies plan on supporting LTE indefinitely, allowing upgraded systems to communicate over the high-quality network well into the future.

For questions concerning how the 3G/4G sunset affects your alarm system, contact our Inside Sales team at 616.459.0281 ext 284.

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