Summer bummer: as temperatures climb, so does crime

Summer bummer: as temperatures climb, so does crime

Especially in the Great Lakes region, many people spend much of the year looking forward to warmer weather, sunshine, and the numerous outdoor activities that go with it.  However, the summer also brings something more sinister: a historical increase in crime rates. In fact, studies show that crime can increase between 11-12% over the course of the summer compared to other times of the year. Understanding why can help keep your business secure for this and every summer going forward.

More time for crime

Criminologists generally agree that various psychological and physiological components can explain the summer crime spike:

  • Rising temperatures can trigger increased levels of aggression, which translates into higher crime rates.
  • Longer daylight hours give criminals more time and more visibility in which to operate, especially in the late evening.
  • Shorter business hours for some companies results in their buildings being unprotected for longer spans of time.
  • Alcohol consumption is a chief contributor to crime in general, but summer day-drinking and warm-weather holidays can exacerbate the issue.
  • Students on summer vacation are responsible for a spike in juvenile crimes including burglary and vandalism.

Criminologists also consider sociological factors when looking at such trends, but regardless of the cause, the consensus is that as temperatures climb, so do crime rates.

How to protect your property

31% of all burglaries are committed against commercial properties. Burglars use a variety of tools to gain forced entry—pry bars, even credit cards—but nothing particularly hi-tech. Studies show that the best way to deter a burglar is simply to have a security system installed: 83% of burglars will check to see if there’s a security system onsite, and the presence of one will deter 60% from committing the burglary. Because most break-ins stem from breaking through doors and windows, the inclusion of door contacts and glass break sensors are key to the protection of your business.

While most burglaries occur after business hours, a fraction do occur during the day. Card access systems with magnetic locking mechanisms aid in ensuring that only designated personnel can access the building at any time. Additionally, the visible presence of a camera system can have a deterrent effect on a potential burglar and aid in identifying the perpetrator in the event a break-in does ever occur.

The EPS Advantage

Luckily, EPS Security is a leader in the industry regarding the installation and maintenance of security systems. And it’s not just our thorough work or the high-quality devices that sets us apart: our award-winning Monitoring Center is open 24/7/365 to receive signals and dispatch on alarms so our customers can rest easy knowing that their livelihoods are in good hands.

The EPS Advantage

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