Complete school building security

Complete school building security

Students and educators deserve to feel and be safe when entering the classroom.

That’s why comprehensive security, and who schools select as their security provider, matters. No matter which school district you live in or work at, or what age your children are, it’s likely you and your community members share a common goal: keeping school environments safe. Understanding what security improvements could be made to your school building, is a great place to start. And at EPS Security, we’re here to help you do just that.

Let’s break down security systems fit to protect your school building, and all in it.

Intrusion alarm systems

When class is out and after-school activities have cleared, who’s around to protect your school buildings? After hours, and in the summer months, empty school buildings are especially vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. That’s where intrusion alarm systems come in.

A monitored intrusion alarm system relies on a combination of devices to detect, and alert. These devices include:

  • Door contacts – alarm with the breach of a door
  • Motion sensors – detect movement in a protected area
  • Glassbreak sensors – alarm with the frequency of breaking glass
  • Sirens – sound on site when an alarm is activated

When an intrusion system is activated, or “armed,” EPS Security’s 24/7 Monitoring Center will be notified of any alarm activations. Once alerted, our award-winning operators will notify you of alarm activity, and dispatch authorities as necessary.

Fire alarm systems

While the topic of school safety typically sparks conversation around school violence and tragedy, one of the most critical components of keeping students and staff safe is a monitored fire alarm system. Whether beginning at a science room Bunsen burner, the school’s kitchen, or another source, structure fires can cause incredible damage and pose serious risk to health and safety.

Michigan fire code requires monitored fire alarm systems in every school building. Much like an intrusion alarm system, a monitored fire alarm system is a series of devices which send emergency signals to a designated monitoring center when activated. Smoke and heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, horns and strobes, handpull stations, and more, provide reactive protection. This life safety system prompts our dispatchers to send immediate assistance from your local fire department when smoke, heat, or other is detected.

Voice evacuation systems 

Voice evacuation systems function similar to traditional fire alarm systems, with additional emergency capabilities. In place of traditional horns and strobes, voice evacuation systems allow for the programming of personalized audio messaging. When an alarm sounds, pre-recorded emergency instruction can be broadcasted through your school building, ensuring evacuation, lock-down, or severe weather response is clear and calm.

Voice evacuation is a mass notification system, or MNS, intended specifically for large facilities with a high number of occupants.

Access control systems

Old key-in-lock entry systems have fallen out of fashion. This is largely because, from a security standpoint, these doors are easy to overcome. Schools are continuing to adopt district-wide access control systems, both for security, and ease of use. Access control solutions allow you to control who enters which parts of your school building, and when. Additionally, electronic door locking allows you to schedule holiday and break access, a feature especially handy for accommodating a school calendar.

What might access control look like at your school?

  • Teachers and other school staff members often require access to the building before school starts. Their cards allow them to unlock the building as early as 5:00 am.
  • The basketball coach hosts a weekend workout on Saturday afternoons. Their access card allows entry to the gym area between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.
  • Card access doors within the building are programmed to unlock automatically at 7:00 am each day, so students are not assigned cards for any access.
  • The maintenance manager needs to access the building on any day, at any hour. Their card provides this access.

Managed Access Control with EPS Security allows our team of Access Administrators to program (and shut off) cards and door schedules at your request. This managed service makes maintaining the security of your school building, simple.

Facilities coordinators and school administrators especially love access control systems, as they can access multiple school buildings with the swipe of one card. With connected control, every door in a school district can be locked down in a high-risk scenario, with the push of a button.

Intercom systems

An intercom system requires visitors to “buzz in” to a building, giving designated staff the chance to verify the identity of school building visitors via voice and video. These systems, typically, are stationed at front office doors and entry vestibules, while other entry points remain locked. This allows your school building to funnel day-time traffic through a single access point, for proper review. In recent years, intercom systems have become increasingly popular security measures in school buildings. Intercoms are a must-have for any school building/district aiming for the highest level of protection.

Video surveillance systems

The number of camera installations in schools has skyrocketed in the last decade. The National Center for Education Statistics estimates more than 80% of schools—and around 94% of high schools—have surveillance systems installed.

Video monitoring systems have come a long way, allowing your school to be surveilled from any important angle. Multi-sensor, HD video cameras can be mounted at hallway intersections, front entryways, and other high-traffic areas. Vandal-resistant and night-vision cameras, for both in and outdoor surveillance, offer advanced security for your school building—especially after-hours. At EPS Security, we offer a wide variety of high-tech camera models, which aim to offer your children, classrooms, and school campus, top-notch protection.

Not only do camera solutions serve as a major deterrent against criminal, and policy-breaking behavior, but they also provide parents and students alike with valued peace-of-mind.

Creating safer schools & the EPS advantage

At EPS Security, we take your school safety, seriously. The fact that schools remain a target for violence, is an unfortunate truth. Making sure your school security solution consists of the best safety technology is of utmost importance. Students, educators, and additional school staff deserve to feel and be safe when entering their building. The protection of our local communities has been EPS Security’s priority for more than 65 years.

If you school building or district lacks security technology, or your existing technology has not been reviewed in years, it may be time to contact EPS. Our team of experienced Security Consultants will work with you one-on-one to understand your security needs, and improve the safety of your school. Who you select as your safety partner, makes all the difference.

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