Parents: A quick reminder on back to school safety and security!

Parents: A quick reminder on back to school safety and security!

School is only now beginning for many students, while others have already transitioned into their new classrooms. As any parent knows, this is a busy, exciting, and sometimes scary time for both you and your child. While you are picking up school supplies, or getting used to a new routine, it’s important to remember adding safety and security on your back to school list.

While you’ve been able to keep an eye on your children all summer, they are off on their own once again and their safety can be a concern while walking to the bus stop, or even coming home to an empty house. Here are a few tips to feel as secure as you can about your child going back to school this season.

Walking to school

This may be their first time walking to the bus stop alone, or it’s a new path and stop, but it is always a good idea to remind your child the best, and safest way to walk to the bus stop. Encourage them to be alert, not distracted by headphones or cell phones. If at all possible, find other friends or neighbors near-by that they can walk with. Teach them the rules of the road, how to walk on the sidewalk, or on the left side of the road facing traffic, and the safest way to cross the street at a light or a stop sign.

While this all seems obvious, a quick refresher after a long summer won’t hurt, and it could prevent tragedy.

Arriving home

Many kids have to arrive home after school to an empty house. If you are unable to be there when your child comes home from school, make sure to set rules to keep them as safe as possible. Things like using the stove or oven, having visitors over, or playing outside alone, could be a threat to their safety. It may also be a good idea to have a routine of checking in with them when they get home just to make sure they got where they needed to be safely.

If you have a home security system, teach your child how to lock the doors and use the alarm immediately after returning home. Setting up a specific code can help differentiate your children and allow for specialized alerts if you have a system with the Total Connect mobile. These check-ins and status updates can be much more consistent than a reminder call or text message from a forgetful student eager to relax after a day of learning.

Consider a security system

If you don’t already have home security service, it may be a perfect time of year to look into your options. With EPS Total Connect you will be able to control your security system from your phone. You can automatically lock and unlock the door, control specialized thermostats, and arm or disarm your alarm system. Not only that, but EPS Total Connect with Video allows you to look in on up to six cameras at a time, which means you can check if your children got home on time, and make sure they aren’t getting into trouble.

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