The secret to hiding a spare key

The secret to hiding a spare key

You’re not fooling anyone

If you are prone to losing your keys, or simply like the convenience of having an extra key around, hiding a spare key might seem like the best option. The problem is, statistically, most burglars enter through the front door, and a poorly hidden key may be the only thing between a burglar and your belongings. Any place that you can think of to hide a key, a professional burglar has also thought of—meaning it’s the worst kept secret.

Here are a few of the worst places to hide a spare key:

  1. Under the welcome mat
  2. Inside or under the mailbox
  3. Under a flower pot or piece of landscaping
  4. Inside a fake rock
  5. Along a window sil

Unlocking the secret to hiding a spare key

We actually suggest that you don’t hide a spare key at all. The risks are too high, and it leaves your house vulnerable to crafty burglars. However, we have a solution for you—Total Connect.

Total Connect

EPS Total Connect allows you to control your security systems, manage automation devices, and receive real-time alerts on your PC, tablet or smartphone. By combining your Total Connect app along with your security system and compatible door lock systems, you can lock and unlock your door right from your phone, wherever you are.

If you’ve accidentally locked your keys inside or forgotten them somewhere, the Total Connect app allows you to let yourself in with the tap of a button on your smartphone. It’s also helpful if you are expecting a maintenance crew, or visitors who need access to your home while you are away because you can let them in wherever you are, and lock up for them when they leave!

The security of your home is always at your fingertips—talk about convenience!

Accessibility and safety

EPS Total Connect allows you to have the accessibility and benefit of a spare key without sacrificing your security. If you are interested in learning more about Total Connect, or how you can integrate Total Connect with your existing security system, we would love to speak with you!

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