Four routine maintenance items that also help with home safety

Four routine maintenance items that also help with home safety

Summer is officially here! Warmer temperatures and more hours of daylight, mean more opportunities to tackle those little projects around the house that you have been putting off, like changing light bulbs and trimming trees.The good news is, many of the little things that you do to spruce up your home are also quite helpful for its safety and security. Check out these 4 routine maintenance tasks that you are probably already doing that pull double duty.

1. Replacing Exterior Light Bulbs

Most of us probably stay on top of replacing exterior light bulbs that burn out. After all, no one likes searching for house keys in the dark because the porch light is out or tripping over things on the way to the garbage cans because the light on the light garage is out. While we love the having the areas around our home well light, criminals do not. Lights are a fantastic deterrent to potential intruders.

2. Trimming Trees & Hedges

If you have trees and hedges close to your home, they probably get trimmed pretty regularly to keep your yard looking neat and tidy and prevent any rogue branches from damaging the exterior of your home. But did you know that this upkeep also has home security benefits? Trimmed trees and hedges provide a clearer line of sight between your home and the road. They also provide potential intruders with fewer places to hide close to your home.

3. Cleaning Dryer Vents & Hoses

One day while your dryer is running, go outside and inspect the exhaust vent on the outside of your home. Do you smell fresh, clean laundry? If not, the various vents and hoses that are connected to your dryer might be plugged with lint and should be cleaned. What does this have to do with home safety you may ask? Well, build up in the dryer hose and vent duct can reduce air flow, backing up exhaust and creating a huge fire hazard (lint is extremely flammable).

4. Repairing Windows & Doors

As the weather improves, you will most likely be opening and closing the windows and sliding doors on your home quite frequently, because who doesn’t to let in a little fresh air on occasion. This means you will probably giving your windows and doors a little TLC, making sure they slide open easily (and lock properly) and replacing a holey screen or 2. Having well-maintained windows makes it more difficult for potential intruders to enter your home using them.

These routine maintenance tasks are just a few things that you can do to step up your home safety and security game. Another is installing a home security system monitored by the award-winning EPS monitoring center. Choose from one our most popular plans or create one that is perfect for YOUR home and YOUR needs.

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