Home security tips when living alone

Home security tips when living alone

Living on your own comes with many benefits: heightened independence, personal space, privacy—even complete control over the home decor. But for most, a heightened sense of safety is not among these perks. Living independently can cause an increased awareness of safety risks, and often, leaves the homeowner or their loved ones with unease. According to a study conducted on millennials (ages 26-41), 27% of those who live alone, feel unsafe. Considering millennials are a small subset of the population living solo, this number is substantial.

Everyone deserves to feel and be safe in their home. That is why we’ve put together this home security guide for single-person households. Considering home security is the first step in securing your space and gaining peace-of-mind. With a little help, any solo homeowner can carry out their shabby-chic dreams, and feel secure.

Privacy as the first layer of protection

Whether purchasing a first home, regaining independence, or celebrating twenty plus years solo, living alone can be a great source of pride. Because of this, many who live on their own are eager to share their arrangements, either online or in person. Our first security tip? Only share this information with those on a need-to-know basis. Privacy is, in many ways, the first layer of protection. Sharing that you live alone may put you and your home at risk, providing a window of opportunity for the mal-intentioned.

What to avoid:

  • Advertising you live alone on social media
  • Posting photos including your house number or other indicators of location
  • Using your full name on the home mailbox

Another way to protect your privacy is to conceal what happens inside—literally. It may seem harmless for passersby to see into your home, but this can provide opportunists insight on your routine. Additionally, leaving blinds open can put your valuable items on display. Of course, enjoy the afternoon sunlight, but in the evening and while away, close those curtains

Settle into the neighborhood

Living alone does not need to mean you are the only one looking out. While this may seem contradictory to the first tip, getting to know your neighbors can help you feel more secure. Likely, those on the block share your goal of keeping your home and neighborhood safe. If something is out of place at your residence, your neighbors will probably be the first to notice.

If possible, exchange contact information and agree to keep each other in-the-know. When leaving home for any significant period of time, ask your neighbors (or another trusted person) to keep an eye on your home. Empty homes make for easy targets, so leaving lights on and having someone to collect the mail in your absence are important security measures.

Perform a security self-evaluation

It is always the right time to evaluate the existing state of your home’s security. Performing a walk-through of the property can help identify areas in need of a security improvement. Start by examining the locks on all doors and windows. Pay special attention to those at ground level, or on the first floor. If locks appear rusted, worn, or are not functioning correctly, consider their replacement.

Next, identify the entry points most easily accessed. This might include a front or back door, lower level window, or second story window with a nearby branch. Once you identify these points, ponder how you might better secure them. Do the doors have bolt locks? Could a change in landscape better conceal or restrict access to an entrance?

Recruiting a trusted individual to join the evaluation can help you see your home with fresh eyes. If you are looking to take your evaluation to the next level, partnering with a security professional can provide new insight. When you request a quote with EPS Security, a designated representative will complete a walk-through by your side. Our team will address your specific security concerns and offer solutions customized to combat risk.

key in a door lock with a "home sweet home" keychainHome security solutions to cover you from all angles

Investing in a home security system means protection that is certain. At EPS Security, on-site engineers custom design each security solution to best protect our customers.

With an active, comprehensive security system, you can have:

  • Door contacts that alarm with the breach of a door
  • Glassbreak sensors that activate with the sound and vibration of breaking glass
  • Motion detectors that sense movement in a protected area
  • One-go-all go smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Panic alarms that send immediate dispatch when pressed

With a monitored security system, all alarm activations send a signal to a designated monitoring center. Here, seasoned dispatchers respond to your alarm events with urgency, calling you directly to check in and sending emergency response when needed. Even more reliable than a trusted neighbor is EPS Security’s award-winning, 24/7 Monitoring Center, located right here in Grand Rapids, MI.

EPS Security offers scalable solutions. While our security options are extensive—from fire alarm and CO detection, to intrusion alarm devices and video surveillance—we are fully invested in your safety, whether we install two devices, or twenty. 

Living alone with health risks

If you or a loved one live alone and are experiencing health risks, a home security solution is an added comfort. Most security system keypads come with built-in panic buttons that can be programmed to trigger medical response when pressed. Additionally, panic buttons separate from the keypad are available as mobile devices, meaning those at risk of fall, seizure, or other conditions can carry them throughout the home. Knowing help will be sent with urgency if you or your loved one is in need will put you at ease.

It may even increase their overall quality of life.

The EPS advantage

At EPS Security, we have provided customized home security to Michiganders for over 65 years. From the smallest bungalows, to the largest mansions—and everything in-between—we are prepared to protect your space. Many see security as a luxury item, but we know our systems save lives, protect property, and put our customers at ease. With EPS, you can rest assured knowing a local security expert is always looking out, so you can enjoy all the pros of living independently, while knowing you are safe.

Home security with the EPS advantage

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