Remote Security: Z-wave Technology, Honeywell Total Connect
Remote security: Technology at your fingertips

Remote security: Technology at your fingertips

As an EPS Security customer, if you could ask your home to talk, what would you like it to say?  Has a door been opened or a flood been detected? Remote Security from EPS  can tell you!  All you need is a smartphone, an iPad or a laptop to stay in the know and stay in control.  With Honeywell Total Connect®, if it’s happening in your home, it’s happening on your phone.

Honeywell Total Connect®

Remote Security: access your entire system on your cell phone.

Android_Handheld_Armed_Stay_hiHoneywell Total Connect® is an incredibly versatile technology allowing full control of your EPS Security system in the palm of your hand. Your phone will perform and look similar to your home keypad.

• Arm & disarm, bypass zones, and clear troubles from a smartphone, tablet or computer
• Manage multiple alarm user codes
• E-mail or SMS (text) notifications
• View Honeywell Total Connect® cameras
*Requires Honeywell Total Connect®
& AlarmNet Account


Z-Wave Technology

Embrace an enhanced way of life with wireless technology

z-wave_logo• Access door locks, lights, and thermostats remotely
• Remote access from a computer or mobile device such as a cell phone, tablet or computer
• Several device options to choose from providing the best for your home
• Many optional Z-wave devices can be found at your local home improvement store

*An alarm keypad upgrade may be required

Cellular Communication

Cut the cord! Cellular communication is safe, more effective and opens the system to more options.

More and more EPS Security customers are canceling their Plain Old Telephone (POTs) lines and moving to more reliable and customize-able 4G cellular connections. The security industry is quickly reaching an event called the “2G sunset”. If you utilize a cellular communicator, you will need to upgrade to 4G.

What are the advantages?

• More reliable than a landline connection
• Utilizes cell phone signals and/or the internet
• Can be used as a primary or back-up communication path
• Allows for Honeywell Total Connect®

*An existing alarm panel upgrade may be required


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