EPS power users engage in new tech, home automation - EPS
EPS power users engage in new tech, home automation

EPS power users engage in new tech, home automation

TC_iPhone5_HomeAutomation_loWith over 19,000 customer’s across the state of Michigan and into many other Midwest states, EPS is uniquely positioned to fulfill even the most complex security and life safety requirements. While most customers enjoy the simplicity of an EPS security solution, we do serve many ‘Power Users’. Tech savvy and eager to engage, these home customers have found an abundance of benefit from EPS solutions which extend beyond alarm systems.

From mobile applications to home automation, our customers are upgrading their lifestyle with access to video cameras, easy to use ‘Z-wave’ devices, and the newest remote services. To illustrate this trend EPS interviewed a new customer who certainly falls under the ‘Power User’ category. Ken is a Kalamazoo, MI customer who recently transitioned from another security provider to EPS Security. While he was not terribly upset or disappointed with his past security system, Ken wanted to work with a local company and was keen to the ‘open-box architecture’ an EPS solution provides.

Ken’s EPS system is impressive. With his family and future in mind, Ken chose a solution which includes fire monitoring, carbon monoxide detection, video surveillance and remote/mobile connectivity to the entire system. During the interview, Ken noted he leaves town on business often and the “Peace of mind granted with a wife and young child at home is important”.

Additionally, Ken’s system includes an Exacq® IP-camera NVR video surveillance solution. The cameras monitor areas important to family security, yet the solution is not only a security feature. Ken raved about the auxiliary functions such as viewing the day-to-day weather, the needs and movement of family pets, and even a fun story about sending live snapshots of an early snowfall to friends in warmer states.

Along with the critical life safety components, Ken upgraded to the colorfully interactive functions of the Tuxedo Touch™ keypad. Impressed by the capability of home automation, Ken decided to fully integrate control of his home through the EPS system. With Z-wave devices, Ken’s security panel controls over 15 automated lights, three door locks, a Honeywell thermostat, and the ability to give access to guests without the hassle of providing a physical key.

Ken is only one example of many EPS customers who have decided to make the most of their security. As the future brings more affordable technology, new and existing customers are finding applications to improve their own lives. Whether it’s the 24/7 peace of mind provided by a monitored fire safety system or the lifestyle capabilities of fully functional home automation, EPS is dedicated to an integrated collection of expertly engineered products and services.

Want to learn more about the capabilities of your existing system? Contact one of our professional customer service representatives to learn about EPS Total Connect, how Z-wave devices can be integrated into your system, or what video options are at your disposal. It may be surprising how quickly you may join the ranks of EPS ‘Power Users’!

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