How to: Prepare for a home security walk-through - EPS
How to: Prepare for a home security walk-through

How to: Prepare for a home security walk-through

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At EPS Security, we pride ourselves in providing unique security solutions designed to fit your individual needs. How do we do that? By including a free quote with our services! We believe it’s essential to evaluate any space before we can effectively recommend a home security system.

To make sure your system is perfectly designed to your space, we have one of our EPS security representatives perform a comprehensive walk-through to assess your home and needs.

What we look for

Outdoor: The security of your home starts outside! During our walk-through, we think about points of entry—the number of doors and windows that need to be covered by cameras or alarm sensors. Outdoor lighting determines what cameras to install or whether we recommend motion sensor devices. We consider attached/detached garages or sheds for additional security or home automation products.

Interior: On the interior portion of the walk-through we’ll talk about fire alarm and smoke detection coverage on every floor. We look for points of entry and the need for motion detectors or window sensors. Lastly, we’ll check the basement for potential flooding issues and recommend tools like water or temperature detection.

Your needs: Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with a security system that is specific to you. During our walk through we talk about your concerns, desires, and budget. Your security system should give you peace of mind in your home—let us know how we can help!

Services to consider

Your security system should do more than alert you of a break-in—that’s why we offer a variety of services. Our residential security services ensure your alarm system protects your home, its contents, and the people inside from one convenient location.

Home security: Home intrusion systems are the foundation of the EPS home security system. This series of devices include motion detectors, door and window sensors, glass break detectors, and panic sirens to alert you of intruders. Included in this category is a diverse selection of video surveillance cameras with a wide variety of features and capabilities fit for your needs. Need a simply video doorbell to round out your security system? You got it. Want high resolution IP camera technology with more megapixels and features than you can count? We got that too!

Home automation: Building a smart home with our home automation services is as easy as finding answers on Google. These series of devices include smart door locks, flood and temperature monitoring, automated garage door control, smart thermostats, and programmed lights all seamlessly connected to your security system. All of which can integrate to most personal home assistants like Alexa or Google Home.

Life safety: Our life safety services include fire alarms, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors to reduce the risk of fatality, injury, or property loss. Life safety solutions include 24/7 fire alarm monitoring to alert you of emergencies—so you’re never caught off guard. Ask your EPS Security consultant about combo devices. Save a bit of money by combining your fire and carbon monoxide detectors!

Request a quote!

Quote requests at EPS Security are free! Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. To prepare, think about any questions you may have to ask your representative as well as some needs or wants to help us create the perfect security solution for you.

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