The connected home: Integrated door locking technology - EPS
The connected home: Integrated door locking technology

The connected home: Integrated door locking technology


Where Do You Keep It?

Under that unmistakable red-tinted stone to the left of the garage?

How about hidden in the needles of the wreath on the front door?

Maybe it’s nestled in the dirt of that planter on the window sill?

…Or, like too many people, is your spare house key ironically laying under the welcome mat?

It’s Okay, You’re Not Alone

It is certainly a common occurrence, mostly done for convenience. Access for a relative watching the house for the weekend, or keys loaned to the neighbor’s kid who agreed to cut your lawn for a few bucks? This level of trust becomes an unnecessary risk to your home and family.

Peace of mind is knowing your home is secure. With an EPS security solution, your home is protected and ready to respond if an intrusion occurs. Integrated door locks create an additional level of control to the EPS Security experience. Touch screen, keyed, or key-free push button door locks create a flexible point of entry and authentication to your alarm system. Set-up unique entry codes for the babysitter, a scheduled repair guy, or the neighborhood delivery service to leave a valuable package inside the door. Provide convenient access to your home without the added risk of providing physical keys which could multiply without your permission. Simply delete the unique user codes when the task is complete… directly from a cell phone or web-enabled device with EPS Total Connect!

doorless-entryYale keyed push button with handle tripletYale keyed push button triplet

Feature-rich integration with the Total Connect mobile app

  • Lock and unlock doors with your phone or from any web-enabled device
  • Automatically disarm your security system from the door
  • Receive text or e-mail messages to your phone with pre-programmed alerts
  • Privacy Mode: locks out ALL users for enhanced security
  • History logs allow you to see who has been in and out in real time
  • Change user access and combination information from your smart phone on-the-fly
  • Personalized Scenes: user code enables a scenario to disarm security, activate specified lights, adjust the thermostat etc.

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