Boosting back-to-school safety with a home security system

Boosting back-to-school safety with a home security system

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chalkboard back to schoolIt may seem as though the summer has only just begun, but most Michigan schools are back in session within a matter of weeks. With 61% of married couples with kids—about 39 million parents—working in dual income households, the start of the school year is the perfect time to discuss the safety of those kids who are left alone for several hours before or after school.

Leaving kids home alone for any stretch of time can be nerve-wracking for parents. Luckily, as parents increasingly leave their children home without supervision after the bell rings, the home security industry has kept pace.  With modern smart home technology, there are ways to check in on your kids without wondering if they made it safely or if they’re getting into any trouble at home–and there are several easy-to-follow tips on how to use your home security system to maximize your children’s safety while they are home alone.

Monitor your alarm system status.

Home security systems can be easily armed and disarmed, and yet user error causes the majority of false alarms–and those responsible are usually adults. It isn’t beyond reason to assume a child or teenager may think they’ve properly armed the security system before leaving for school in the morning or forget to set the alarm entirely. Luckily, the EPS Total Connect app–a platform which allows parents to monitor and control their home security system at the tap of a button–can help parents to:

  • Check an activity log to determine who armed/disarmed the system and when
  • Determine the alarm’s current arm/disarm status
  • Arm/disarm the system remotely if anyone needs assistance

Train your kids to re-arm the security system upon arrival.

Most burglaries occur between 10am and 3pm when intruders assume adults will be at work. This leaves students arriving home from a half day or leaving school in the early afternoon at risk of becoming incidental targets for criminals. While an alarm system can be set with all devices active when kids and parents are away, it can also be set to “stay” mode. This mode of arming deactivates motion detectors so roving children don’t set them off while activating the “perimeter protection” devices such as door and window contacts. By doing so, your kids are free to roam about the home–just not potential intruders.

samsung phone displaying teenage boy entering door using total connect camera appCheck in with Total Connect cameras.

Letting kids and teenagers stay home for several hours while you finish your work day implies a certain level of trust. It still can’t hurt to at least have the ability to check in on your home from time-to-time, and doing so is incredibly simple with EPS Total Connect-compatible HD WiFi cameras. While you finish up your reports at the office, you can use the Total Connect app to pull up a live view from your cameras to ensure that Johnny is doing is homework before he plays his video games–and even communicate instructions to him via built-in two-way audio.

Show your kids how to use the duress button.

Kids are often stuck in strange “no-man’s land” between being too young to have a phone but living in a home that no longer has a landline. Even if your child does have their own phone, there is an easier way to alert the authorities to a real emergency–the duress button on you alarm system keypad. On the new ProSeries dual keypad/control panel that EPS installs, there is an easy-to-see icon in the bottom left portion of the touchscreen that will alert the EPS Monitoring Center to contact the police without needing to call 911 to expedite the dispatch process. Showing your child this feature can save precious time in the event of a fire, break-in, or other emergency.

Lock and unlock your doors from your phone.

Kids misplace toys, clothes, books–essentially, anything they can get their hands on. It stands to reason that there’s a good chance they might lose their house key, which is both an inconvenience and a safety issue. Some parents resort to the old “hiding a key under a rock” solution, which is never a good idea. A better solution is the utilization of “smart” door locks. Total Connect-compatible door locks can be programmed with a code that can be punched in by your child when they arrive home. Additionally, you can unlock the doors from the app if your son or daughter forgets the code and lock the doors if you notice they didn’t do it themselves.

illustration of two phone operators with a 24/7 clock between themLet EPS Security take watch.

Your children and teenagers might only be home alone for an hour or so before and after work, but those hours can be filled with anxiety for well-meaning and over-extended parents. The odds are that your children will be safe while you finish your day at work; however, with something as precious as your kids, it doesn’t hurt to take extra steps to ensure their well-being. At the end of the day, a home security system by EPS Security can help you stay connected with your kids during the day and protect the family as a whole in the evening. An EPS Security system can sense break-ins and detect fires or carbon monoxide or even water leaks. Best of all, a custom-crafted EPS Security system can help provide you with peace of mind when you’re away and restful sleep when you’re safe in bed.

Protecting what matters most to you isn’t worth a gamble. Partner with EPS Security for your home alarm system needs and discover the peace and protection our 65+ years of experience can provide for you and your family.

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