5 signs Total Connect is a good fit in your home

5 signs Total Connect is a good fit in your home

The next generation of home security solutions is decidedly “smart”—as in, smart home devices. The modern home is a reflection of the growing global push for interconnectivity as devices ranging from light bulbs to coffee machines become internet compatible. The home security industry is not an exception, as security vendors and manufacturers continue to innovate their security offerings to meet the increased demand for devices that do more than just sit passively within a home.

EPS Security has kept pace with the smart home security trend with its Total Connect platform. The Total Connect app acts as the command hub for your smart home. From your smartphone, PC, or connected device, you can arm and disarm your security system, control compatible home automation devices such as lights, door locks, and thermostats, and view footage streaming in from your Total Connect cameras–all organized in a simple and easy-to-navigate events log. With the Total Connect app, you can know what is happening and when it’s happening, all from the palm of your hand.

Of course, with any new technology, there’s always the question of, “Do I need this? Does this apply to me?” While smart home technology is nearly universal in its ability to add a layer of both protection and convenience to the modern home, there are specific instances in which the EPS Total Connect solution would work wonders in enhancing your home security and improve your lifestyle:

No one is home during the day.

Times have changed, and most households are now supported by two incomes. This leaves many houses vacant in the daytime hours when burglars are most likely to strike—the 11am-2pm “lunch hour” period. While a conventional security system will alert you to someone breaking down your front door or shattering a window, a Total Connect smart home system also allow you to install wi-fi cameras that will send you alerts when motion is detected. If you decide to install a Skybell video doorbell, it can be set up to notify you to someone approaching your front door or allow you to screen any unexpected visitors ringing your doorbell. (In fact, many intruders will ring a doorbell just to see if anyone is home before breaking in, so installing a video doorbell is a great way to get footage of a would-be burglar.) Skybell video doorbells also allow you to communicate to visitors at your door, which can make it seem like you are home when you’re really not.

Your kids arrive home before you do.

If your kids get off the bus or walk home before you get out of work, Total Connect is a terrific way to check in on them an ensure they have arrived home safely. In addition to the ability to view live camera footage to make sure they are home (and staying out of trouble!), the Total Connect app also allows you to check alarm history to see if you kids used their code to disarm the system. Alternatively, if they leave the house after you in the morning, you can check the alarm history to make sure they armed the system before leaving and that your house is sufficiently protected throughout the day.

You’re not always the best at remembering to arm your system (or even lock your doors).

Morning routines can be chaotic, and it’s unfortunately more common than you might think to find homeowners forgetting to set their alarm systems before heading out for the day. If you’re caffeine-deficient in the morning and often find yourself forgetting to set your alarm—or not remembering for the life of you whether or not you set it—Total Connect can work wonders for you. You can check your current arm/disarm status in the application and arm or disarm it remotely. What’s more, if you set up compatible connected door locks, you can manage the locks from the Total Connect application and lock any exterior doors you may have forgotten from the convenience of your smart phone, computer, or tablet. This feature also helps to accommodate any expected visitors or maintenance visits to your home throughout the day. You can check the front door with your Skybell video doorbell and unlock the door for the plumber or the dog-walker from your desk at work.

You love the idea of smart home security but don’t want the hassle of running it through a hundred different apps.

Especially if you’re trying a “do-it-yourself” approach to smart home security, you’ll find that most standalone devices are not compatible with a generic DIY security system. Additionally, many of the devices require you to download individual applications in order to control their “smart” features. The beauty of a Total Connect home security solution lies in its consolidation of connected device controls to a single application—the Total Connect app. With Z-Wave® and wi-fi compatibility in addition to a professional installation, you can trust that your system is built to stand the test of time without taking up unnecessary amounts of yours.

You want a security system that works according to your needs—not the other way around.

Some security providers have “one size fits all” approaches to home security. Not only is this woefully insufficient—not every house has the same security needs!—but it also forces homeowners to adapt to a very specific system setup. Essentially, with some security solutions, what you see is what you get, and your options for customization and convenience are terribly limited.

All EPS Security systems are tailored to our customers’ specific needs, and EPS Total Connect takes that approach a step further. Total Connect allows you to marry your security system to other connected devices to allow for centralized, comprehensive control of your smart home. You can arm your system, dim your living room lights, close your garage door, and lock your back door all from the Total Connect app even as you’re lying in bed. You can schedule your lights to turn on and garage door to open at 5:30pm every weekday to anticipate your arrival home. With the latest in smart home technology and with the Total Connect app, your home security system works for you—all without sacrificing its core function of protecting what matters most to you.

The EPS Advantage

Smart home technology is the new standard for home security, and EPS Security is at the forefront of the trend. We have nearly 65 years of experience in engineering and installing home security systems across the state of Michigan, and we work hand-in-hand with our vendors to procure next-generation smart home devices at competitive rates. At EPS Security, we believe every home deserves a customized solution because every homeowner deserves peace of mind. If you’re looking into locking down your home with the latest and greatest home security technology, look no further than EPS Security and discover a home security solution nearly 65 years in the making.

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