Commercial security risks: Problems & solutions

Commercial security risks: Problems & solutions

Whether assessing the need for security at your business, or pitching a plan for new security measures to your superior, one thing is for certain: the facts and figures matter. Data on commercial crime and other disasters, such as fire or flooding, paints a clear picture of possible business threats. Similarly, EPS Security’s commercial security solutions demonstrate the clear ability to combat these business risks. Let’s take a look—problem and solution style. 

Problem: Employee & retail theft

Employees at any organization have increased access to products and information. Often, this makes employee theft and other organizational crimes, simple. In fact, reports indicate two-thirds of all United States businesses fall victim to employee theft. Hire Power Associated estimates US businesses lose an average of $110 million dollars each day due to employee-related crime.

Outside of employee theft, retail theft rates have soared in recent years. In 2019, the Retail Industry Leaders Association reported $68 billion—yes, that’s billion with a B—dollars worth of product was stolen from retailers.

Solution: Video surveillance

These numbers may be grand, but the right security solution is equipped to take your loss prevention efforts to a new level. When working to combat employee and retail theft, video surveillance is an essential deterrent. HD video cameras, available for both indoor and outdoor surveillance (when partnering with EPS), will cover your business from all angles. Not only does this technology serve as a deterrent, but in the event of completed crime, stored video surveillance serves as important evidence.

Problem: Time theft

Time theft occurs when an employee accepts pay for work time they did not put in. This can occur when employees fail to clock out at the appropriate time, falsify time cards, or clock in another employee who is not actually on site. Time related theft affects “approximately 75% of all businesses in the US.” Slowly, but surely, this act of dishonesty can eat away at company profits.

Solution: Access control systems

Time theft is a tough loss to crack down on. One solution? Access control systems. Access control allows business owners to maintain oversight of employee activity. With access control, each employee is assigned an individualized key card, granting entry into only their authorized areas. Typically, a card access solution with EPS Security is managed by our in-house Managed Access Control team. This managed system allows business owners to request detailed reports of who entered what door, and when.

And if employee time is ever in question? This information certainly comes in use.

Our Managed Access Control team also takes charge of granting and revoking access at your request. In the event of a new hire, employee leaving, or other change, our team can quickly manage who has access to your building. The peace of mind that your premises can only be accessed by authorized persons, is priceless.

Problem: Break-ins and vandalism

When leaving your business for the day, who’s protecting the property? After-hours break-ins can leave your business vandalized and vulnerable. In 2018, the FBI reported 1,230,149 burglaries. Of this number, 57.1% of burglaries involved forced entry. So, how can you prevent your business from joining this statistic?

Solution: Intrusion alarm systems

Intrusion alarm systems offer perimeter and interior protection for commercial sites large and small. With door contacts, glassbreak sensors, and motion detectors, the moment a door is breached, glass is struck, or unauthorized movement, detected, the alarm will sound. On site sirens alert all nearby of a crime-in progress, working to deter burglars from further action. Meanwhile, your security system is sending a signal to the EPS Monitoring Center so authorities can be dispatched.

So after hours, you can rest easy knowing a team of trained professionals is looking out.

Problem: Business fires resulting in loss of life, or property

A fire event can devastate a business. Nearly all commercial sites are required by law to install a monitored fire alarm system in order to protect life and property. In 2018, the National Fire Protection Agency, or the NFPA, reported an estimate of 18,000 store and office fires. These fires resulted in an estimated $778,000,000 dollars in property loss. When it comes to fire detection, a matter of seconds can change the whole trajectory. This is one of many reasons organizations should select their fire alarm company, carefully.

Solution: Monitored fire alarm system

At EPS Security, our team of experts knows the ins and outs of fire code. Our fire alarm technology, consisting of smoke and CO detectors, hand pull stations, and horn strobes, will keep your business safe, all while meeting the requirements of state and local jurisdictions. Additionally, our award-winning monitoring center and certified fire alarm technicians will work tirelessly to ensure your business, and its security system, remains at its best.

Environmental Safety/DetectionProblem: Environmental dangers

Environmental factors, such as water and other weather, can pose serious risk to your business. In Michigan, we don’t need numbers to solidify the volatility of our change in seasons. But if they help, see this:

  • 34 average inches of rain per year
  • 64 average inches of snowfall

The change in weather, and other factors, can often cause flooding, storm damage, and loss of power at your business. Imagine a water leak occurring when you’re away from the office or warehouse. By morning, it’s likely a minor leak can leave you knee-deep. Likewise, a loss of power can drop temperatures in your stockroom, office, etc., potentially leaving your pipes, or product at-risk.

Solution: Water and temperature detection

When triggered, water detection devices with EPS will alert our local monitoring center, so you can be notified with urgency. Additionally, temperature sensors can signal our operators when dropping below, or risking above a set temp. These devices are small, yet mighty, and can be places in refrigerators, garages, and more.

The EPS advantage

At EPS Security, we have engineered, installed, monitored, and serviced business security solutions for more than 65 years. As a top 25 security provider in the nation, we’re well-equipped to help you combat the above risks, and more. We offer the stability, experience, and technology of any national provider; yet our local roots keep our service highly personal. If you’re searching for a security solution that makes you the hero, contact us today.

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