Business protection with the versatile dome camera

Business protection with the versatile dome camera

retail camera

retail camera

Video surveillance cameras are features common to business security solutions, and for good reason. According to a study of convicted burglars by the UNC Charlotte, the perceivable presence of surveillance cameras was cause for concern for nearly 60% of offender, causing more than 40% of them to choose a different target entirely. In the event of an after-hours burglary, vandalism, or similar property crime, a well-tuned camera system can help identify offenders and aid in their apprehension. Surveillance cameras are also often used for more mundane day-to-day tasks, from guarding inventory in stock rooms to providing bolstered security in high-risk areas such as cash registers or at bank tellers.

Of course, not all cameras are created equal. Even outside of manufacturing and technical qualities that may put one brand of camera over another, there are some makes and models of cameras that simply perform better in certain settings than others. Protecting a business involves using a variety of cameras to suit each facility’s individual coverage needs, and it’s difficult to find a more versatile option than the increasingly popular dome camera.

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Discreet, versatile dome cameras

Oftentimes, when people think of “security cameras,” they picture boxy cameras jutting from the corner of a building—cameras often overcome by criminal masterminds or secret agents. These box cameras—and more commonly, their modern counterpart, the bullet or “lipstick” camera—are often pointed at a specific region or area of high traffic and are often used to cover building exteriors, hallways, doors, and stairways. Made with deterrence in mind, their highly conspicuous design made to intentionally be seen by prospective burglars. However, their high visibility also makes them a prime target for vandalism and, when positioned outside, leave them at the mercy of the elements.

Alternatively, a dome camera is designed with subtlety in mind. Named for its dome-shaped housing, dome cameras can be positioned on walls or ceilings to provide wide-angled coverage of a large area. While they sometimes require more intensive installation than a bullet camera, they are often favored in interior settings due to their sleek design and lower profile. On top of being far more discreet than a bullet camera, they’re also designed to make it difficult for passersby to determine which way the lens is pointed. This feature makes a dome camera the perfect option for covering sensitive areas such as bank lobbies to make it more difficult for criminals to hide their faces.

It’s not just their discreet profiles and varied mounting options that make dome cameras popular options for many business surveillance systems. Dome cameras come in different varieties with different features for use in any number of situations:

  • Weatherproofing for outdoor use

  • Infrared and low-light options for better nighttime usage

  • Vandal-resistance for use in overt locations or exterior spaces

  • Hard-wired or wireless options to suit your business’ needs

Different variations of these dome cameras may include two or more of these features, allowing for enormous flexibility in installation and coverage options. While other camera models may include some of these features as well, it’s hard to find a better balance of aesthetics, performance, and discretion without compromising on quality.

How dome cameras protect your business

Because of their “jack-of-all-trades” versatility, dome cameras are amongst the most common types of cameras included in commercial security solutions. (They’re certainly one of the most in-demand cameras here at EPS

Security.) Their wide-angles and ability to be ceiling-mounted make them popular choices in lobbies, storerooms, sales floors, or any other wide-open space. In some instances, dome cameras use “pan-tilt-zoom” (PTZ) technology to allow a designated controller to sweep the lens across a far-ranging area and zoom in on faces or points of interest. These PTZ cameras are excellent for use at exterior corners of businesses, parking lots, and work yards and can even be programmed to follow a pre-determined path.

Depending on how they are mounted, dome cameras can provide an exceptional range of coverage in a variety of situations. However, while some businesses may find sufficient coverage of their facilities with a dome-only solution, most businesses require a design that uses domes in conjunction with other camera types to provide comprehensive surveillance protection of their unique space. Many professional security systems include several camera types,

including PTZ cameras, multi-sensor cameras, bullet cameras, and more to address the specific needs of the business owner and operator.

How EPS can help get the most out of your surveillance system

So how do you know which camera option works best for your business? In short: you don’t have to know. When investing in a professional security system like an EPS Security surveillance solution, you know you’re getting your money’s worth with high-end equipment like Digital Watchdog©, AXIS©, and Honeywell© cameras. However, you’re also entrusting the security of your facilities to a company with more than six decades of experience in engineering and installing commercial security solutions.  We’ll work with you to determine which cameras with which features will work best at covering what you need protected.

While it certainly helps to have a rudimentary understanding of each type of camera, we have entire teams of engineers, consultants, and installation technicians to design your custom solution and show you how your EPS system will protect what matters most to you. Whether you own a small business that could use an electronic eye on the cash register or a sprawling manufacturing plant with many moving parts, let EPS Security craft you a custom security solution 65 years in the making.

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