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EPS Central Station

Security System Monitoring Services

A security and fire system is only as good as the security monitoring services provided at the other end, and EPS offers the industry’s best.

Our Central Station is West Michigan’s only state-licensed and Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL)-listed facility, and it’s just one of 10 in the entire United States to be UL-listed, Factory Mutual (FM)-approved, and Five Diamond Certified. This computerized, digital, state-of-the-art station is the heart and soul of our network of services, offering responses that are six times faster than the analog technology still commonly used by other security companies.

While technology is half of the equation, equally vital is the expertise of the people operating the equipment and the number of operators available to respond to your emergency.

EPS security monitoring services offer an excellent operator-to-customer ratio to ensure an immediate response to your call. In addition, each operator has been certified by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) to the degree that our facility has received the CSAA’s prestigious Five Diamond Certification. The end result is an accessible staff of operators knowledgeable in the latest alarm protocols.

Michigan Alarm System Monitoring

EPS has also been utilizing 2-Call, Enhanced Call Verification since 2005. Operators at the EPS Central Station take extra steps in determining the source and severity of an alarm. This allows EPS to reduce false alarms and dispatch law enforcement or other emergency response without taxing their resources with false trips or unnecessary alarms. This program alone has improved dispatch rates through EPS Central Station by reducing false dispatches by 90%!

You can rest easy knowing EPS’s industry-leading Central Station means we’re prepared like no other to dispatch fire, police, or emergency vehicles at a moments notice.


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