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Integrated Security Systems for Home & Business in Michigan

The rate at which technology is changing is perhaps the greatest challenge the security industry faces. Today’s advancements create an environment where physical security systems such as Burglary, Video Surveillance, Access Control and Visitor Management have converged with complex Information Technology (IT) systems such as identity & building management software, and HR/Payroll databases.

That’s why EPS offers integrated security services.

The Possibilities are Endless

Imagine a system that allows a new employee to be entered into the HR database just once. That single event activates the payroll database to populate the new employee; Access Control assigns credentials, and a card is generated that grants permission to enter certain doors at preset time intervals. The employee’s identity is confirmed with building management software, and Video Surveillance systems are simultaneously aligned with the employee’s access privileges.

This is Integrated Security Systems defined, and it is an EPS database solution currently in place at one of West Michigan’s most prominent employers.

Bringing it all Together

EPS can be the bridge between technological evolution and the logical solution for your company. We understand our industry and the need to migrate toward “open architecture” systems, and we’re uniquely positioned to support, assist and/or define the technological protocol for your needs. We have the best of both worlds to solve your integrated security system needs—hardware designers with 30-plus years of experience, paired with certified IT staff knowledgeable in the latest network applications.

Let the experienced team at EPS guide you through the world of possibilities.

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