Medical Alert

Medical Alert

As our aging population grows—the U.S. Census reports there are more than 45 million 60+ individuals today and an estimated 74 million by 2020—we need to evolve to serve its needs. EPS has met that challenge head on with a reliable, personalized, powerful, and practical solution. The Medical Alert system from EPS is a medical emergency device that allows for the utmost independence while sustaining 24-hour emergency response.

Not only is the EPS Medical Alert pendant smaller than a business card (the smallest on the market), but it also allows for communication with our Central Station operators or whomever a customized list of instructions include. This means family, friends, and neighbors are only a button press away.

Medical Alert from EPS is worry-free. The pendant is water resistant and allows for use in bathrooms and showers; it can also be worn as a lanyard, wrist, wheelchair or walker device. The device also extends hundreds of feet beyond the base charging station allowing for increased independence and unique outdoor use.

Before you consider assisted living, consider EPS Medical Alert. Let us show you how our state-of-the-art Central Station and 24 hour emergency assistance can lead to an unheralded independence every day. Our technology has made great strides over the years, but EPS is still the same family owned and operated company since 1955.

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