Protecting your pets: smart home security options for anxious owners  

Protecting your pets: smart home security options for anxious owners  

woman on laptop in bed with a golden retriever lying in the foreground

woman on laptop in bed with a golden retriever lying in the foregroundIn recent years, it has become more common for homeowners to consider their furry friends as core members of their families—who, like their human counterparts, need to be factored into home security planning. 68% of American households have a pet of some variety, with dogs and cats accounting for the bulk of that volume. In fact, people love their pets so much that a recent study suggested up to 40% of pet owners admit to giving their beloved pets more attention than they do their partners.

Pets, protection, and peace of mind

Caring so deeply for our animal buddies does come with an emotional downside. A growing number of working adults find themselves feeling bad about leaving their pets for long spans of time while they are on the job. 48% of dog owners alone find themselves feeling guilty about leaving their pups alone for the 9-to-5 grind, especially as veterinarians acknowledge that extended absences do have negative emotional effects on animals.

With pets being viewed more as assets to be protected and less as security solutions in and of themselves (which is a good thing, because dogs make for poor security systems), more people have sought out ways to check in on their companions throughout the day. Security companies have needed to adapt traditional home systems to make room for—and keep an eye on–Rover and Fluffy. EPS Security has designed home security options for over six decades, and as technology has improved, our ability to accommodate and protect our customers’ pets has improved dramatically.

The smart home solution

Nowadays, smart home automation technology has made it easy to not only ensure the safety of your pets, but also to check in on them throughout the day, providing pet-lovers with peace of mind—and their much-adored pets the security solution they deserve. EPS uses Total Connect, a service platform that allows customers to access their home system to arm or disarm remotely or even control specific devices from a phone app. Total Connect is an excellent facet of any home security solution, but it’s also extremely helpful when it comes to looking after your pets while you’re away. For instance:

Total Connect cameras

Total Connect is compatible with certain internet-connected cameras, meaning you can check to see how your pet is doing or if she’s behaving herself—all from an easy-to-use app on your phone. In fact, Total Connect can handle up to six cameras at a time, allowing you better coverage of the inside of your house.

Z-Wave devices

Total Connect supports Z-Wave devices. Simply put, Z-Wave devices use wireless radio signals to communicate with each other so you can, for example, lock or unlock a Z-Wave door lock from your Total Connect app. Z-Wave is compatible with a wide variety of devices including garage door openers, thermostats, and lights, so if you left your garage door wide open or you feel like your pet needs a bit more lighting on a dark day, Z-Wave can bring your pet comfort—and their owner some peace of mind.

Skybell video doorbell

phone displaying skybell app next to a skybell slimline

A Skybell video doorbell is a device which allows you to see who’s at your door via a live video feed and even communicate with them. Skybell integrates seamlessly with Total Connect, which gives you another great tool with which to protect your pet. With a Z-Wave door lock and a Skybell, you can control who has access to your home from afar for an extra layer of security for your pet. If you hire a dog-walker to take your pup on an hour-long walk, you can visually confirm that it’s them at the door, unlock the door, and see how long the walk lasts so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. It’s also helpful for service appointments, too. When the plumber comes to fix a leaky pipe, you can vet them at the door to verify their identity, grant them access to the house, and then use your Total Connect cameras to make sure your pet is okay with a stranger in the home.

Door alerts

Do you want to make sure your pets aren’t accessing a part of the house that they shouldn’t? Total Connect can be integrated with compatible sensors to alert you when a door has been opened through the application on your smartphone—so you can check in on your pet if need be through your Total Connect cameras to see what sort of mischief they’re up to.

A complete security solution

Of course, keeping your pet safe involves more than just checking in on them. If there were a fire in your home or a carbon monoxide leak while you were at work, you would want fire crews dispatched ASAP to save both your home and your companion. EPS Security installs smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that can be monitored by our award-winning Monitoring Center located right in Grand Rapids, so if something does go awry in your house, you can rest assured knowing emergency services have been dispatched with haste.

On the flip side, having a pet shouldn’t prevent you from getting a security system to protect the human members of your family. In the past, it was difficult to put motion sensors throughout a home if you owned a cat or dog because the animals would set them off. Now, however, EPS can install pet-friendly motion detectors that are designed using the latest technology to disregard animals under 80 pounds.

The EPS Advantage

Having a pet places special demands on your security system. Luckily for you, for more than sixty years EPS has fine-tuned our approach to designing and installing customized home security solutions that fit our customers’ individual needs. Our experienced Security Consultants with work with you to devise a solution that fits your home, your needs, and your pets. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of protecting every member of your household—even the ones with four legs.

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