What you need to know: The lyric thermostat

What you need to know: The lyric thermostat

Lyric Smart Thermostat

Control Your Home

The Lyric Round Thermostat from Honeywell allows homeowners access to impressive, cutting edge technology with a sleek and modern design. Controlled from anywhere, the Lyric Thermostat pairs excellently with a Lyric Home Security system professionally installed by EPS Security. We highly recommend it as a valuable addition to your home!

Where To Get It

EPS Security is a security company at the core. We’re experts in home protection, life safety of your family, and have access to some of the greatest home security technology on the planet! However, EPS does not pretend to be an expert in the heating and cooling industry. That is why we have chosen not to sell or install the Lyric Thermostat as part of a home security solution.

On the other hand, we have good news! Honeywell has made installing the Lyric Thermostat remarkable easy on your own, and it can be purchased online from a variety of retailers.

Not the “Do it yourself” type? Honeywell has set up a webpage with more information about the Lyric Thermostat along with resources to “Find A Retailer” and “Find A Pro” if you desire a professional installation.

Learn more about the Lyric Thermostat here

The Lyric Thermostat & Total Connect

Once you have decided to purchase the Lyric Round Thermostat and it’s fully installed and operational, contact EPS to have it enrolled as part of your Lyric Home Security system. In most instances, this procedure can be done over the phone, quick and easy. However, please be aware that a few cases may require us to send a technician.

It is also important to note: The Lyric Thermostat only works with the Lyric Home Security line of products and is not compatible with other home security systems.

If you have additional questions about the Lyric Thermostat, feel free to contact our friendly Customer Care Team by calling 616.459.3757 or 1.800.966.9199. Or send an inquiry by email to CustomerCare@EpsSecurity.com


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