Nothing less than the best: EPS Security, your local business security pro

Nothing less than the best: EPS Security, your local business security pro

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Whether you’re looking to secure your business from intrusion and life safety threats, working with a professional security company is an absolute must. On one hand, professional installation and monitoring provides unquantifiable peace of mind knowing that your employees, property, and livelihood are all under the careful watch of your comprehensive security solution. On the other hand, a shoddy, fragmented, or poorly installed security system can falter when you need it most.

But what is a security professional? In the world of “DIY” systems and big-box solutions, anyone can boast they’re a professional, but attempts to substantiate these claims prove difficult. At EPS Security, we back our claims as Michigan’s premier security professionals with an impeccable body of work that spans more than six decades.

Knowledge is power: the EPS Training Program

To start, you can’t consider yourself a security professional if you haven’t received professional training. EPS’s Grand Rapids office contains a dedicated training space where technicians receive months of rigorous instruction on commercial and residential alarm systems. The EPS Training Program customizes and individualizes lessons to ensure that every EPS technician is capable, efficient, and knowledgeable of the complex systems they will eventually install and service.

Once the hands-on “classroom” training is complete, the new technicians shadow our senior technicians in the field for an even wider range of experience with real-world alarm system installation and troubleshooting. When it is all said and done, our technicians will receive their NICET II certification after taking one of the security industry’s most comprehensive fire alarm training examinations. Furthermore, our technicians receive Michigan Fire Alarm Specialty Technician Training (FAST), Electronic Security Networking Technician training, and specialized EPS customer experience training. Our most senior technicians often receive additional advanced training for working with particular brands or especially complex systems.

We’re not one to rest on our laurels, either. At EPS, we firmly believe that training is an ongoing process and that even experts never stop learning. Our technicians enroll in continuing education classes to keep them apprised of the newest information and the latest technology. Given the amount of resources we invest in developing our team, you can be confident in the abilities of the EPS professional technician we dedicate to servicing your system.

Keeping it close: superior responsiveness with a local security provider

EPS is a company with deep ties to its local communities. Our main office has operated out of Grand Rapids since 1955 and as our increase in reputation led to an increase in demand for our services, we expanded our reach throughout Michigan to four satellite offices: Traverse City, Petoskey, Kalamazoo, and Owosso. Opening the additional branch locations has allowed us to maintain the responsiveness and personal touch that separates us from our competition while serving our ever-increasing client base. We like to pride ourselves on being a fast, friendly, and local provider with the capabilities, manpower, and knowledge base of more “national” companies.

Responsiveness isn’t limited just to our technicians and consultants. Our award-winning, 24/7 EPS Monitoring Center is stationed right in our Grand Rapids office. While many companies contract out to third-party monitoring stations to receive their alarm signals and dispatch authorities, EPS monitors its own systems. The ability to speak with authorities and dispatch on alarms locally—not from six states away—gives us an edge on protecting your system. When it comes to professional monitoring, it’s hard to beat EPS.

Hometown heart, big-name reputation

As mentioned before, EPS occupies a unique niche when it comes to size vs. ability. We are a local company with no intention of growing away from our roots, but our success in providing Michigan with top-notch security systems has allowed us to deepen our roots and increase our ability to provide patented EPS-quality service. Because of our expansive client base, we’re able to negotiate with our industry-leading vendors for the best prices on next-generation security systems and devices like a “national” brand without the hidden costs and added fees often associated with those companies. In short, we have the clout of a “big” company with the heart of a “local” one.

Another benefit to providing security services to so many Michigan customers is our ability to work closely with local authorities. Installing and servicing security and life safety systems brings us into contact with police and fire officials of various communities, allowing us to develop a relationship with first responders, fire marshals, police dispatchers, and the like across the state. Maintaining these relationships allows our security consultants, engineers, dispatchers, and technicians to work more effectively at building code-appropriate and efficient professional solutions for the businesses and homes we service from South Haven to Mackinac Island.

Unparalleled security experience

2020 marks EPS Security’s 65th birthday, which means we’ve been providing superior service to West Michigan and beyond for over six decades. That’s six decades of training our career technicians and staff, deepening our ties with local communities, working with our vendors, and finding ways to provide more and better products and services to our loyal customers. Because we invest in our employees, some of our staff has been with us for decades. The cumulative total of years of experience shared amongst our staff would number in the hundreds.

The security industry is a competitive world, and if a company isn’t exceeding their customer’s expectations, they’re not going to last. The fact that EPS has not only grown but thrived for the last sixty-plus years is in itself an indication that our customers overwhelmingly are thrilled with their own EPS security solutions and recommending us as a professional security provider to their friends and families.

The EPS Advantage

Don’t leave the protection of what matters most to you to just anybody. Trust in a local company with a proven track record of providing businesses of all varieties with customized, comprehensive security solutions. Whether you’re looking to secure your business with access control, surveillance cameras, or intrusion and life safety devices, look no further than EPS Security and discover the EPS Advantage for yourself.

Discover the EPS Advantage

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