The “2G Sunset”

What is the 2G Sunset?

You may currently be using a cellular communicator within your alarm system known as a GSM (2G). This cellular unit is used to transmit your alarm signals to our receivers. However, new technology and network upgrades from 2G to 4G have been slowly phasing out 2G service. In fact, we are quickly reaching the point our industry is calling the “2G sunset”. EPS Security systems utilize towers owned by AT&T. They have been slowly executing this program and EPS, along with other security providers, are required to comply. Once this occurs, all 2G devices, including your own, will no longer communicate.

It is imperative to upgrade your system for you to remain secure. EPS has 1000’s of these GSM 2G devices to replace before the “2G sunset”. Due to the quantity of units that must be upgraded we are offering a special discount to those who sign up early.

Please contact EPS Customer Service if you have any questions so we may talk about upgrading your 2G cellular unit to the next generation of cellular communication. Customer Service can be contacted at or by phone between 8am and 5pm at (616) 459-3757 or (877) 351-0355

We look forward to assisting you with your upgrade.

Below we have listed a couple of options if you would like to process an upgrade online. You will receive confirmation and contact from our customer service to confirm the request before it is processed.

Option #1: Please add the Cellular Protection Plan to my account.  I understand this service is an additional $5.00 per month and I will receive a new agreement by mail that I will need to sign prior to the upgrade being performed.  This service will cover all upgrades to my cellular unit.

Option #2: I do not wish to add the Cellular Protection Plan and choose to pay for the upgrade up front.  By selecting to upgrade now I am aware the upgrade cost is $249.00, less $50.00 if I schedule the upgrade within the next 3 months.

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