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EPS Security gives you wireless control of...everything.

You don’t operate on a fixed schedule, so why should your home? EPS is proud to offer Lyric, the home control and automation system from Honeywell that’s designed for the way you live. Individually, each product works like a song; together, they let you orchestrate your life.

Add Lyric to your home

You sleep. We don’t.

With Honeywell Lyric and EPS Security, you and your family will rest easier, knowing that the innovative Lyric system is in constant communication with the EPS Monitoring Center. Our highly-trained professionals are always looking after your home — and ready to send help at a moment’s notice.

Add Lyric to your home

With Lyric and EPS Security, everything is connected.


The Lyric thermostat is programmable from anywhere. It also learns how you live and adapts accordingly.

Intrusion Sensors

A combination of motion, door and glass-break sensors provide a protective layer of security throughout your home.

Smoke Detector

Lyric products can monitor your home for hazards like fire, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Audio Alarm

Alerts everyone in the home with a powerful audio siren and brightly flashing colored strobe light.

Smartphone App

With the Total Connect App, monitor and control security, thermostats, lights, locks, and cameras anytime and anywhere.

Keychain remote

Control of security, lighting, and other devices goes wherever you go with a simple pocket-sized remote.

Get a lot more comfortable.

When you add Lyric to your EPS home monitoring service, you get even more comfort and convenience. Set the temperature, lock doors, and adjust lighting from your smartphone or the Lyric controller. Lyric even recognizes simple voice commands.

Add Lyric to your home

Honeywell puts their trust in EPS Security

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EPS Security is Honeywell’s ONLY Certified Lyric Dealer in West Michigan. We offer an unmatched level of innovation at an unmatched price. More importantly, you get an innovative home automation system that’s installed by expertly trained and certified EPS technicians, and monitored every minute of every day.

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