Builders & Contractors

Builders & Contractors

From pre-wire to protection, EPS will provide a professionally customized solution

Committed to Excellence

“Doing it right the first time”, is a saying throughout many disciplines, but to a builder, it’s practically law. The quality and craftsmanship of an elegant home design depends on the planning and certainty of the complete package. A client, after spending an extensive amount of effort and time, does not want to look back on their commitment to build their dream home with regret. That is why it is important to suggest protecting their new investment with an Engineered Protection System from EPS. Whether simply pre-wiring the home or fully integrating a multi-faceted security solution, EPS has the expertise to get it done.

Certified Experts

EPS has some of the highest standards in the industry. You can be certain that an EPS protected home exceeds regulations and standards of certification. In fact, EPS is one of only 10 security companies’ nationwide holding UL, FM and 5-Diamond CSAA certification. You can read more about our standards of expertise on our Certifications page.  Our security consultants are also supported by our highly trained and certified engineers. As of fall 2012, EPS proudly boasts four NICET IV certified technicians; the highest NICET certification level.

A Partnership of Trust & Value

EPS already works with many home associations such as the HBA and has a committed security consultant specifically for builders and contractors. In talking to new homeowners about their needs, you can be certain EPS will provide the best possible solution. We’ve been providing for West Michigan for 60 years, and will continue to uphold the standards of practice which have kept us a preferred name in home security.

Investing your trust in anyone can be precarious, especially with your own reputation on the line. We will do whatever we can to earn that trust and show, time after time, why EPS is the best solution.


Building Relationships

We already work with many builders within West Michigan. Below is a testimonial to the hard work and effort we put into our professional partnerships.

An EPS protected Schaap Home


Mike Schaap Builders, Inc. has partnered with EPS for more than 15 years. We endorse EPS to our clients because of the excellent service that they offer that can be custom tailored for our client’s individual needs.

Commercial Security SystemsThe quality of their work goes beyond installation day as they are readily available for service 24/7/365. We know that the homes we build that have EPS security are well cared for as they are monitored closely on a daily basis by qualified and experienced professionals.

As a local business to West Michigan, we take pride in working with other locally owned businesses. We are proud to work with EPS as a partner as we seek to provide the best services possible for our clients.”

-Mike Schaap

Mike Schaap Builders, Inc.

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